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  1. VB6 to slc500 via opc

    If you can get a hold of a copy of rslinx trainer ,it explains that in a slc that if you change L1 to L3 as part of the additem you would get three values back.In the trainer t4:0,acc L1,C1 would be The value of timer t4:0. Change to L3,C1 and you would get T4:0 acc ,T4:1,acc and T4:acc. The trainer started on this subject.It might be possible that the demo version might .
  2. Cables Needed When There's NO 8 Pin Serial Port

    We use the cards from quatech for all serial if the laptop did not have a serial port . They are not that expensive ,a hundred or so dollars. We went this direction six years ago because usb to serial was so hit or miss.Never could find one that worked everytime,as a field service person I need equiptment that works on the customers floor 400 miles away from the office.The cards work all the time .
  3. Sorry I did not answer back earlier.Found out the cm-42 modbus plus interface modules are not that bad as I first thought.Worked out pretty nice.A few MSTR instructions and some logic got good results. A tip if anyone uses these; put the 24 volt supply above crm. This was the ploblem. They hit e-stop ,lose power to cm-42, it loses program.The customer would not budge on this ,so i wrote a start up routine when crm come on ,I download the program back in . For all I went through , for an older 984 system , I would use the cm-42 again and thanks for all your feedback.
  4. The cm-42 is from data logics. The engineer I talked to didn't have a clue because this module has not been sold for several years.The buy out by EMS hurt my chances of getting help.Sorry that i said data link. The maddening project got to me.The boss knew this was a bad one thats why he always gives mme the winners that most people run from. BY the way It lasted only overnight ,cycle power and the cm-42 refused to give up its information. Had to reprogram module .Wonder if this is normal for this module.
  5. Thanks for the cluster remark,you are correct, it is. Just to let you know it was all of the stuff. Did dumb term, and found camera not set up right. Did wiring check ,bad wiring,fixed. AND my bad in that the MSTR was to send the command to recieve but I didnot take overhead into account. Got it to work ,but-t-t-t-t- ther has to be a better way to get 2D bar codes into a 984 plc.
  6. I was thrown into this one. I have a 984-785e plc and they are trying to read bar codes into the plc using a cognex 5100 vision system w/cio1450 module(serial rs 232c).They have a cm-42 interface module(Datalink). Got the cm-42 on MB+ to talk using MSTR. Problem ,no data from camera in buffers after read. IS there an easier way to make this work. We can not be the first to interface a cognex to a 984 plc

    This would be a good subject. Older machines arealways being updated with newer controls .
  8. PLC Law

    Law #27 Share Your Updated Work.. It always happens that when changes/updates happen no copy is left by the people who done the changes. Law #27.1 AFTER CHANGES MAKE SURE THEY WORK So many times after changes machine no work and no programmer who done work is in the building
  9. RS232 to USB

    I had the same issue but instead bought a card from "Quatech".You get a RS-232 port without trouble. I have never had trouble with linx ,panelviews, drive software or weld timers.
  10. Logix5555 project file corrupted!

    I have had this problem before but it turned out to be rev 11.28 .When the processor shut down and then powered up say within a second the program did not have enought time to store .The AB techs said Rev 12 + fixed the problem. Also verified the battery connection.