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  1. Logic Sequence

    It would be one at a time....
  2. Logic Sequence

    First of all i would to thank everyone who keep on giving their knowledge or advise to those people who need an advise or need to be tutor(like me?) obviously!. THANK YOU! OK. I'm a new beginner in PLC..I'm using OMRON CJ1M-CPU11 problen is....i want to create a program that will send an error if wrong sequence input has been made. Here it goes... Good Sequence : input(0.00,0.01,0.02,0.03,0.04) and then Buzzer (e.g: 1.00) If Sequence input begin with 0.01 or 0.02 and so on ... buzzer will activate for ERROR! please help...i'm trying to use Logic instruction but it doenst work i got RED line in CX PRogrammer...
  3. Reading status of input if it is ON or OFF using CJ1M

    i already done it, but it seems nothing happend...i only received same response form just wondering do i need to switch to monitor mode to monitor my input if it 0 or 1?
  4. i have a background in VB. and i just downloaded the CMODE hostlink here... it works very well...i can turn on my outputs on and off. my problem is........i have photosensor in my input..(address is : 0.00) i want to create a program that monitor the sensor status...if it is ON or OFF. using VB program...