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  1. Fins Gateway - .net

    Hi, Lastest version is now called SYSMAC Gateway and supports both FINS & CIP protocols for EthernetIP & CJ2 Read more here: http://www.omron-ap.com/product_info/Compolet/index.asp The .NET interface is still supported. Kind regards James.
  2. New knowledge platform launched: myOMRON

    Hi, Yes you should recieve a confirmation email - I assume you checked in your junk folder just in case? Kind regards James.
  3. New knowledge platform launched: myOMRON

    Hi, Regsitrations are welcome from all over the world (and it is now possible to register), however the response to any questions posted may not be quite as fast... sorry about that, but we have to funnel your request through to the best person to help you in your area. Outside Europe, that has to be done manually at this moment. But who knows, maybe myOMRON will become global in the future! Kind regards James.
  4. New knowledge platform launched: myOMRON

    Hi All, So you've found our new site !! We went live January 1st, but silently to allow us time to experiement with a few customers in Europe. From the beginning of April we will actively promote myOMRON as a new interactive platform for after sales service & support. Based on the years of experience our engineers have in Industrial Automation, we want to provide a resource that is full of support materials - FAQs, technical notes, examples etc etc. Registered customers will get the benefit of using myQuestions, an online help desk integrated with the knowledge base + downloads, subscribing to articles and lots more! We asked MrPLC if we could provide a link from myOMRON, because we see MrPLC as an excellent resource of people who are able (and keen!) to offer help and advice to others. We hope to support that from myOMRON with additional knowledge & examples. So register at www.myOMRON.com from April... Kind regards James. ------------------- OMRON EUROPE
  5. Activex or dll for C# .net

    Hi, CX-Server LITE has both an activeX and .NET interface with examples included to show how to use it. Hope this helps. James.
  6. CX-One

    This is exactly the same topic you raised before on August 26th ("CX-One AUTO UPDATE topic") That is when Omron Europe released v3.0... please see all the comments there for reasons & details. James.
  7. CX-Supervisor + Windows VIsta

    Official version (v2.1) to support Windows Vista will be released in a few weeks Free web patch available to registered customers. James.
  8. CX-One AUTO UPDATE topic

    Hi All, Quick summary of the features in the new version of CX-One: - TWO new IEC languages (SFC & ST) - Improved integration between CX-P & CX-D (variable sharing + simulation) - New data types in CX-P (Strings and global arrays) - Error Simulation - Compare function for FB's - Routing table transfer to MULTIPLE PLCs (no need to keep moving the cable) - Conversion support for C500/C120/C**P programs! - Beautiful font support in CX-Designer - etc etc... What is planned in the next version of CX-One: - Mainly support for a new PLC... Omron Europe stand by a statement to our customers that we don't charge for device support in our software - instead we charge for features and benefits that are designed to save you the customer money by simplifying your development. And what a lot of new features in the new version! We accept the criticsim that we should be globally ONE. Our solution to this is to (GLOBALLY) introduce from next year a maintenance contract. Pay once per year and recieve all the software free of charge - features & device support. Watch the Omron web for more information on this over the coming months. Thanks for all your honest and frank comments - it is noticed and it does make a difference. James. P.S. how did you know I have an MBA