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  1. Does anybody know from where can I get a copy of PL7/07? Thanks!
  2. Hitachi EH 150 programming cable

    Hi everybody, Could anyone please send me pin-out of cable for programming Hitachi EH 150? I tryed already some, wich I found out on internet, but none work. Does anyone have an working pin-out? Thanks a lot.
  3. Thank you for your help, I managed to solve the problem. Once again, thank you
  4. I'm using an Twido Plc with Magelis XBT-N401, comunication cable XBT Z 968, Modbus protocol, but it is no comunication between. Modbus is the only protocol I can chose on both units.Any ideeas?
  5. My version of XBTL 1000 is 3.70, do I have to pay for upgrade to 4.41, or it is free?
  6. I have the following problem: I can not find Magelis XBTN 401 on the list of my XBTL 1000 software. Can someone help me? It is an upgrade for XBTL 1000? Thank you!