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  1. Signal Tower Error Code(s)

    Thanks again Panic,  Yeah, I did mean Morse Code lol... I used the example you provided, it works like we talked about. Just had to make some minor tweaks,  the last rung, going to the next interger the reset rung above it was clearing out the data before it could preform the next step. Just combined the two, and changed the "tower" output rung. The LEG N10:1 N10.2, changed to N10.0 N10.2. Everything else was perfect.  Thank you again. That works much better then what I was trying. I was trying to get it working with the sequencer..., then timers/ counters..  but I didnt like the code.  Matt
  2. Signal Tower Error Code(s)

    Thanks Panic,  The timing is ok. My issue, more or less is which alarm / alarms exist.  If it were only one alarm that could exist at a time it wouldn't be bad. I will have 6 alarms in total. For example, if I had 3 alarm at once , probably not going to happen but need to program a such.  If alarm x was a two blink, alarm y was 3 blink and alarm z was 4 blink. I'm looking red light blink 2 times pause 2 sec, blink 3 times pause 2 sec blink 4 times pause 2 sec then repeat. This would be for alarm 1,2 and 3... If the alarms were, alarms 2,4 and 6 the timing works be 3 blink, 5 blink and 7 blink with 2 sec pause in-between.  Kinda like Morris code so to speak. 
  3. Hi, got a mental block lol.  Got a machine we are modifying, currently got most of the code in place. Working on a fault routine now. This machine doesn't have an HMI or wide array of PL. Nothing major just a simple vision system check. Currently have 6 faults that will stop the cycle running. I'm wanting to have the beacon light (Red light) blink for the cause of the fault. For example: Scenario 1- Fault stop for bottle check NG:  (two) .5 sec blinks -  2 sec red light off -  (two) .5 sec blinks ..... repeat  Scenario 2- Fault stop for bottle check NG and reject sensor blocked:  (two) .5 sec blinks -2 sec red light off - (three) .5 sec blinks - 2 sec red light off....... repeat I have the code a few different ways but it looks "dirty". Any suggestions? Thanks in advance  
  4. Pin out for SC-09 Prog Cable

    Hi guys, I'm not really to familiar with the MELSEC series of PLC's. Talking with tech support I found the cable that I need for connecting to a FX2-64MT-C. But kinda need to hook up with it sooner than the 1-2 week lead time on this cable. Is the pin out the same as a RS232 null or regular cable? Or is this cable proprietary? My apologies if there was another thread on this issue. I looked before I posted this for a thread and in the D/L area. Thanks for any help on the matter... Matt
  5. Numerical Display for C200 PLC

    Good afternoon, I have a older balancing machine that balances our armatures. The machine is set up so that if it does not balance that armature the first time it will try again a total of 3 times. The problem is that some times the machine will crash or the cutter will wear and the operators will not notice this and the cycle time goes from 10 s to 20-30. Their are counter on the unit that tell us once around twice around and 3rd time around. They are suppose to cal what the percentage is of 1 time around to maintain correct cycle time. But for the most part that goes unnoticed until we do some PM work on the line. I was looking around trying to find a display that is relatively cheap that we can install so that they can see what the percentage (rate of operation) is with out cal this info out. We have a C200 and I have room to put another card, I was just wondering if you guys know of a easy display that I could use to display the ratio. Any info would be appreciated Thanks Matt
  6. Help finding Information for Omron CV500-IC301

    thanks guys, that is the information I was looking for. Again thanks for your help Matt
  7. Hi guys. We are converting an old C500, using an old C500 board, to a CVM1 CPU 11 V2. We have the main board, CV500, and we are pretty sure that we can use the IC301 to control the old C500 slave board but not sure. I have tried searching for a manual for this I/O control module, but I have had no luck. Any assistance would be appreciated Matt
  8. SSS to work on windows xp

    I have read through this forum before I posted this. At my job we use a few C500 PLCs. We have been using SSS (sysmac support software) to troubleshoot and make changes. We were using an old dell laptop with win 95. The hard drive crashed on the laptop. We have SSS working on some windows 98 laptops but they do not have a serial port. We tried using USB dongles and a PCMCIA card, we can get the program but after about 5 min we get communication problems. Is there a way to get SSS to work on windows xp?? I read up on SYSWIN but most of our maintenance staff are use to cx and sss. Plus the price for syswin is high. Any suggestions??? Thanks