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  1. It looks like a lot of valve manufactures are now offering Dual 3-way (2 x 3/2) valves along with their 3 Position 4-Way (5/3) valves.   Can anyone tell me or direct me to information on the advantage or disadvantage of using the Dual 3-way (2 x 3/2) over the 3 Position 4-Way (5/3) valves?   Thank you in advance for your help
  2. T70 Workstation

    Does anyone have dimensional cut out information for the very old AB T70 workstation? I need to make a bezel to cover the old cut out and do not have the enclosure in my position yet. Thank you
  3. mV to mA Converter?

    Try also http://www.api-usa.com/signalconditioners_dc_input.php
  4. Cable tray diagrams

    I 2nd that. http://www.b-line.com/engineer/Software.asp#TrayCAD Bud
  5. Climbing Crane

    WTF??? Is this a game show or how to not apply any safety standards???
  6. You must create an NFPA account and password first (you will get spam from NFPA). Nice find, you can view NFPA 79 Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery or NFPA 70 National Electrical Code. Nice!! Bud
  7. Does any one know of any companies (in the Detroit area) that perform Device Net Verifications per Chrysler specifications? I am in need of a third party for verification of a small device net network. This network has a total of seven Device Net nodes. My local distributor (MC & MC) has given me a quote but I would like to have a second source. Thanks Bud
  8. Ethernet Switch manufacturers

    From the Chrysler Plant Preferred Specification List. I have worked with both Hirschmann and N-Tron, both worked very well for our ControLogix applications. EtherNet Switch, Hirschmann, RS2-TX, 8 port Ethernet switch EtherNet Switch, Hirschmann, RS2-16, 16 port Ethernet switch EtherNet Switch, N-TRON, 516TX-A, 16 port Ethernet switch Bud
  9. OT - Economic Models explained

    We have a few people here milking a couple of jobs, no cows.
  10. overload relays

    Sounds correct to me. 24Vdc signal direct to starter. Overload Relay does it's job and if tripped, power to motor is removed and PLC gets signal that O/L is tripped. I motor starter boxes with push button on / off buttons only typical to wir O/L trip contacts in series with coil. Bud
  11. Thanks Bob, Is that nail polish or nail remover? "Goo Gone" worked for me. What a back breaking, head rush cleaning job with my head stuck in the dryer ! Dad = 0 pens, High School kids = 4 pens. 1/2 on my watch of the wash the other on my wifes. Bud
  12. Rectangular connectors

    I have no problem getting Harting style connectors here in the Detroit area. Like the Phoenix and Lapp connectors Harting also has screw style only up to 48 pin after that (92 or 128 pin) Crimp style pins only. Bud
  13. It was a F-15. The Israeli pilot was able to land it safely and said he would have ejected if he knew how much damage there was. See YouTube link Bud
  14. C++

    Algol 60, BASIC, Fortran, and assembly language. Wow, paulengr and andybar, you guys are old, have been around a while, worked with a lot of different programming languages. Bud
  15. Throttle down, nose up & cleanout pants.