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  1. IR words

    In my understanding when you say break it down to multiple scan means instead of running for / next loop 1000 times, break it down to 10 for / next loop of 100 time each. Please correct me if i am wrong. I was just wondering in same section of program if i have one loop 1000 times, or if i have 10 loops 100 times how would the scan cycle and scan time be different. what i want to do is keep DR0 as offselt value. if door 100 is selected fire output 100 using timer T0100. and if door 101 is slected fire output 101 using timer T0101.
  2. IR words

    thanx PMCR, actually i do need that loop around 1000 times. I was wondering if you have used that for / next loop actually in your program for door control. also i tried same logic using DR,IR instruction pointing to one door at a time. it works for one door but problem with that is if more then one door are opened at a time.
  3. IR words

    Amaizing Sparky...Smoking.. Works just great.. And as you said, i am using that for doors. Couple of more question. Can u tell me how will it affect the response time of the PLC?? Does it make any difference if 25-50 timers are running at a time?? Should I use this code at end of the code or in last ledder?? does it matter??
  4. IR words

    In my application I have 200 inputs and 200 outputs aligned one to one. The logic step i used to fire out put with input for perticular time is shown above: where input: 1 is pulse input. I want to get this done 200 times using indirect address... any help...will be really appreciated
  5. OMRON Wonderware Communication

    Any comment on this will be greatly appreciated. I am working on one project which requires tie in to the existing system which has OMRON CS1G PLC communicating with Wonderware. I am quite familier with this communication so, I looking at that computer which has wonderware installed hoping to find Finsgateway and wonderware I/O server but none of them were installed on that computer. I was wondering how wonderware is communicating with OMRON PLC. I found two files running on back ground all the time which is called TXDriver.exe and RXDriver.exe and I assume these files are drivers for communication between PLC and wonderware. In addition to that in wonderware application there is not a single Access name is defined and all tags are memory tags. Wonderware is calling Application RXDriver.exe from its startup script. I Really have to figure it out how communication is done. Wonderware installed version is 7.11 . Is it a custom written driver??? Is it using UDP/IP or TCP/IP??
  6. I have redundant 5/05 processor on my rack. i know there supposed to be same program loaded in both processor. can anybody tell me how can i define different ip address for both processor??
  7. fins gatway v3 installation error

    Hey there, I was using finsgtwy v3 before on my laptop. then my laptop was migrated to some other system. after this migration process i cudnt use finsgtwy any more from my laptop. when i try to turn it on it give error " user info not found " . something is messed up with registry. i downloaded fgw3 remover and run that. it let me remove that and after when i tried to install that again i got the same message.. please help me out with using windows XP, cx-programmer 5.0