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  1. Micrologix 1400 Webserver Information

    Web page size is very limited, but you can cheat a little but using iframes in the code to combine multiple pages into one.
  2. Screensaver Control Via Remote Tag?

    There is a way to wiggle the "mouse" via VBA to wake the screen up on command. Could you use that technique on a timer to keep the screen saver at bay until a time of your choosing?
  3. Yet another FactoryTalk activation thread

    I am using Logix 5000 on Win 7 and can work with v16.7. Doesn't change my opinion of Factorytalk Activation, but v16 is working for me.
  4. New Forum look !

    I like this new look too, but even better I like the fact that unread posts remain unread till I read or Ack them. Thank you for that.
  5. I use this technique but find that looking for a higher number (value) doesn't work. Counting the bits works as you mention. but I still want to avound the case where 2 bits swap states. I am trying a a mask technique idea that started here and works better. Copy the dint to a mask , use the mask on following scans, if it doesn't match the mask, set the alarm and then copy the dint to the mask again. This detects ANY changes to the dint. Could be made to work on an entire array I suppose The downside is that it detects cleared alarms too.. Still working that part out...
  6. extracting remainder and unrounded quotient

    So with the exception of the interrupt scenario the entire 500 rung ladder would not need to be completely scanned before S:13 and 14 are updated, similar to how I/O is evaluated? hypothetically I could use S:13 and 14 in Rung 3 for another calculation. and then repeat all this again in rungs 100 with a completely different set of numbers?
  7. extracting remainder and unrounded quotient

    When considering program scan, if I were to do this in rung 1, would the result be available in rung 2 of the same scan ?
  8. Firmware updates for control logix

    This is just link bait to draw traffic to the site which then redirects you to the proper site.
  9. replacement part needed.

    10 pin RJ-45 ??
  10. Canvas Pro Software Activation Key or Crack

    What you are asking for is illegal and this forum has no tolerance for such activity.
  11. Gripe about Stratix switches

    Do the Cisco equivalents ( I assume there are some?) behave better or are these Stratus (Stratii?) worth the premium?
  12. MSG instruction staging

    In MSG's that use radio making queueing a bigger factor, I use a mix of the above. I use a timed on second sequencer and monitor how many MSG remain enabled at once, when it exceeds four, I pause the sequence and start a timer, if the timer goes /dn I reset all the MSG bits and continue on. Ideally I would do this for each MSG separately similar to b-carlton's recommendation (which I am currently constructing). but this technique eliminated a long standing stall of MSG when one or more would get held up because the radio couldn't reach its target.
  13. CMP Expression problem

    Yes it does. but its useless for the intended purpose. The LEQ and GRT combination works fine - this has become educational at this point.
  14. CMP Expression problem

    I agree, the help does infer exactly that. I also agree it doesnt work. Since it highlights only the OR function, I was mislead... it seems. I'll see if Rockwell has a decent explaination why the docs dont spell that out.