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  1. s5

    hello sir.. good day.. thank you very much for ur usefull data about my question....
  2. s5

    hello...good day having problem in searching technical data for S5-150S and 150U.please help me for me getting this data plz help me for get communication cable configuration for S5-150S and 150U.im using PG laptop..... thank
  3. hi, good day to everybody... please send me whattype and pin configuration for communication between PL7_2 to TSX 17..... please help me thanks
  4. ok... what u mean by "Something is using the serial port and not letting XBT-L1000 use it"? izit its running now or its had been assign to the particular software? the version im using is 4.42. if after i have change the software setting and it still unable communicate what should i do? thanks is advanced regards, ivan
  5. hi crossbow.. thanks for the respone. well, im not using usb to serial adapter. im using serial to communicate with my OP. i tried using my pc communicate with my OP and it works. but when i try to use my notebook its not working. both also have com port and usb port. both also using the same OS. the only differences is my pc hav no S5/S7 program install in it wherelse my note book have the software install. so, will it be this is the problem for the communication? coz as i know S5 used com port to communicate wit PLC. will it be the setting coz i hav try to change the setting and it still don work. therefore, should i uninstall my S5 program and try it again or there is no problem related to it? thanks in advanced regards, ivan
  6. hello..... i having problem with the magelis op which i can communicate with the normal pc and the same cable i try to communicate with the laptop and op...but i cannt....error..."xbt-1000 cannot access the communication driver.....i already try to 3 laptop...showing same error... anybody can help me solve this problem...urgent
  7. S5 communication

    GoodDay to all, i need a very urgent favor from u all. im trying to communicate S5 to my notebook by using USB port eventhough my notebook has a com port. im using S5 cable with RS232 USB. not only it cant connect and it show this error message "system message no:0334". can anyone please tell me what is the message about? does the error got to do with my notebook since it have a com port and i cant use the USB as my communication? or i have a notebook without a com port can solve this problem? i know there is this a cable called PG-USB cable 9359-1 to communicate S5 but its costly. can this problem be solve with the current situation? or i have to purchase the PG-USB cable? thanks in advanced. regards, sun367
  8. configuration for DP Link and DP/PA coupler

    sorry guys... thanks for moving it to the right directory TWControls
  9. Goodday to u all, I need a favor from u all. I will like to know whether can i configured the DP Link and DP/PA coupler to PC instead of using a PLC via Profibus. The PC that i'm using is CP5611 using as a master PC by substitute the PLC. Is there any Pros and Cons for these configuration. Therefore, i will be glad if u guy manage to give information about the configuration for DP Link and DP/PA coupler to PC. Thanks in advanced. regards, Ivan
  10. sinumerik

    is anyone else familiar with Sinumerik CNC PLC's??? Indeed of a great favour because i need the pin outs diagram for a 9 pin to 25 pin connection. Another question is, is there another software that can be used to communicate with a Sinumerik??? Please help!!! Regards, Ivan.
  11. MP 370

    Hi there... I believe P and q are some sort of adressing range.... but i am not so sure ... this settings have to be set on the COM Profibus setting for IM308-c. Ok the best thing i give you the whole scenario... S5 CPU115-U communicating to a MP370 through an IM308-C. what i have tried: there is an option tiny (32 inputs and 22 outputs), small (42 inputs and 22 outputs), medium (64 inputs and 32 outputs) and finally big (122 inputs and 64 outputs). i chose middle and followed all the settings for middle from the PLC S5 program to the Protool Program. but i still have some error. Please advice... thanks a million, Ivan
  12. sinumerik

    It's ok. Thanks a lot for the information that you have given. If you get any new info please let me know k. Regards, Ivan.
  13. PG 95

    Gooday to you all, I will like to find out that can PG 95 works by going online with the plc if its a demo? Is there any lock function in it? Urgently need some reply from you all. Thanks in advanced Regards, Ivan
  14. sinumerik

    thank you so much to u TWControls for the reply. sorry if i have posted it so many time in different areas. well, its a CNC controller. so, can u help me more in details for cable pin out or is the above as u mention is sufficient? thanks again. regrads, ivan
  15. MP 370

    hi all, i need a urgent favor from u all. what is the limitation addressing for MP 370 by using S5? i have two type of addressing to use, 1) P linear 2) Q linear P Linear have addressing conflict for S5 but i have to use it and Q Linear might not be compatible with the S5. Please suggest that which is better to be use?or is there any other method to be slove? thanks in advanced to u all. best regards, sun367