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  1. NTST on Windows XP

    There are special reg keys created for ntst 4.8 versions on w7. I think it was even on Omron hq staff in holland should be able to provide you. Regards, Mpm.
  2. NT2S-SF122B-EV2 firmware problem

    This is part of the installation sw of nt2st v1.3c which you already have else you can not program with. Nt2st. You will probably find this start programs, nt2st. Regards, Mpm
  3. NT2S-SF122B-EV2 firmware problem

    Hi, You were going correct. After the F1 + F6 on startup it erases the system. Next step is to start up the firmware upgrade tool of nt2st sw. Download the correct firmware of your unit. After this dowload the unit is " as from factory". Regards, MPM
  4. NT31 upload program to Support tools error

    can you send me your program so I can give it a try. which version of NTST do you have, 4.82 is the latest , and can be found in the utility folder of your CD one DVD. Maybe your version is too old. regards, MPM
  5. NT31 upload program to Support tools error

    Hi Version 3.2 / 3.21 are versions which can only be uploaded and downloaded from and into terminals. I know there is a special tool for that. You can not edit or do anything with it, just upload / download. You should contact your omron office. regards, MPM
  6. NQ Designer V2.0

    Yes it can. scu 21,22,31,32,41and 42 NTlink, Modbus, hostlink ( even multidrop) also just tested the ethernet models (new) and it can talk fins (Udp)to CJ, CP1 l/H/E ( cif41) regards, MPM
  7. NQ Designer V2.0

    Looks much improved, screen navigation has changed as well as the datalogging function.the ethernet models fit to cp1e /l/h on cif41 also the bigger alarm fonts are most welcome
  8. Converting NT600S to NS8

    Try step by step. Save first as *.know and go up model to model until you reach ev2 myst4.82 is the latest
  9. Hi, NT2ST is already obsolete for more than 6 years ( januari 2005) NTXS is indeed the next generation SW. In my opinion NTXS on your PC should work without a problem ( ON -EV2 units). Windows 2000 I have no idea but I am sure it is mentioned in the NTXS manual. There is no way to convert a HMI file to pzm as these are 2 different platforms. I would check in your application that you have used the default Hostlink settings and validate that node number programmed is also the PLC node number ( common mistake with NT2S) Cable you are using is NT2S-CN002 ?? Pinning is in the manual of NTXS. My Questions: How can I install NT2 ST on my laptop without having a floppy drive? Probably NT2ST V1.3C can still be downloaded ( I spotted it last time on OMRON US website) Is it possible to communicate with an EV1 or EV2 unit with NTXS on a machine running Windows 2000? EV1 units can not be used with NTXS ( pre 2005 production) Is it possible to revert to previous firmware on an EV2 unit? ON EV2 units , when you have used NTXS it is possible to revert back so you can use NT2ST again. (Press F1 and F6 (hold), power the unit. Memory will be allocated. then use the firmware upgrade tool for NT2ST and download the firmware for the specific model. Now the unit is "as of factory" My opinion your problem is the application created ( it is different from the NT2ST you are used too) regards, MPM.
  10. NQ Designer

    HI the word button does indeed do the job you need to do. Reference is the register you are writing too. Min / Max means that when the value of the register is in that area the specified tasjk will be performed. example : DM10 is the reference. value =0 ( min / max are both 0) task is to write 1 to DM10 value is 1 ( min / max are both 1) task is to write 2 to DM10 value is 2 ( min / max are both 2) task is to write 3 to DM10 value is 3 ( min / max are both 3) task is to write 4 to DM10 value is 4 ( min / max are both 4) task is to write 0 to DM10 so 5 states are needed. Each press of the button will make sure the task is executed. For info: the SW help should display this information. regards, MPM
  11. NS5 with ETN and time out Error

    Hi Guys, see the attachment. The connect except .... has been added by OMROn to solve this problem in case of a node was offline. If you set comm all with these settings should your pronblem rthen not be solved
  12. NS5 with ETN and time out Error

    Hi With the comms autoreturn setting you also have to change the 3 and 5 setting in comms screen to 1 and 0. when you click help on the comms creen this is explained very well. It is slow because it is still polling the missing PLC as you have not adjusted the time-out settings. regards, MPM
  13. NTXS with NT2S degree sign

    Hi If all is ok you can add characters in the font list, create your own character. regards.
  14. NT31C-V2 to NT31C-V1

    Hi There is a transfer utility tool avaialble at Omron. This tool allows you to upload applications and download it again in other terminals. I know it is called TUV1.82 or TU V2.0 I have no idea however if an application created for a V2 terminal will woirk in an Older V1. Check for this tool at your local Omron office. I do not have this tool. regards, MPM