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  1. Adding softkeys to a touch screen

    Not to be picky but the RLO will only change on "==I" so instead use: A( L #OperatorValue L 0 ==I ) A( L #CountPreset L 0 ==I )
  2. Producing PDF files

    Open Office came a long way and will probably do for most folks looking for a simple word processor or spreadsheet. However, Open Office is unable to convert fancy VB scripting. And unless I am overlooking something, it seems that with Word documents containing tables with calculations the math is simply ignored without warning. The PDF exporting is a nice feature.
  3. WinCC Button BAckground color using vb or c

    Usually I add a little script to the button's "display" property, something like this: const TAG_NAME = "yourtag_name_here" dim oTag set oTag = hmiruntime.tags(TAG_NAME) if oTag.value = 1 then item.backcolor = vbred else item.backcolor = vbgreen end if Dont forget to enter the tag name as the trigger (best to avoid cyclic triggers). You could also use the dynamic properties, depending on the "style" of the button.
  4. OB,FB, etc. struture

    This almost seems to indicate you cannot use STAT addresses anywhere but in the FB in which they were declared. You can, of course, use addresses from instance DBs anywhere.