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  1. I have seen the answer to this but cannot find it now In syswin you can scan and then purge for used address symbols.  I need to do this in CX programmer but  there does not seem to be a way to do this Can anyone help please
  2. Omron dmpx instruction

    Yep didn't make any sense what so ever. 
  3. Omron dmpx instruction

    Would someone like to explain to me in plain English how the DMPX instruction works please
  4. C40K

    Thanks for the reply's. I can change the value, Jay, as you say in the ladder, but then i have to download the whole program back into the plc. Is this the correct way?
  5. C40K

    Hi Can anyone help with changing timer values in a C40K using syswin and a host link3G2C7-LK201_EV1. I have tried clicking Editors, Data display editor and then T/C VAL. This then loads all the values into the display window. Double click the required Timer and a new window opens up with the value. Changing that value and then clicking ok and then writing the value to the C40K. This does not appear to change the value because if I then read the values back I still have the original value and not the one I changed it to. Hope this makes sense. I assume that it should be possible to change the values using this method. I can change the values using the hand held console
  6. Using encoders

    Hi Atanas It looks as if you are correct. SR230 is indeed in the programme and is compared with a DM area, Still very complicated as the inverter drives the motor at three different speeds and also forward and reverse. I am sure if i stick at it i will now find which settings to change and in which DM area. Thanks for your help. Suke
  7. Using encoders

    Hello again guys Have read the tutorial but still not sure if this is sinking in! Has anyone tried to get the circuit working on slide 28. I think this has been written for a CPM and not a CQM. Having said that the INT(89) where it says at the side is input 000.03 is actually 000,00 in the cqm. So looking further at the slides, whenever input 000.00 goes high it calls subroutine 000 and dm0000 is incremented by 1. Is this correct and can anybody verify that the circuit in the tutorial is correct for a cqm as it doesn't work for me. PS i have set DM6628 to 1111 and DM 6630 to 0100. This is taken from the CQM book and i assume to be correct. Thanks Keith
  8. Using encoders

    Thanks for your help guys. Studying the tutorial now and trying to get my head round it. The Omron manual is not the easiest thing to read and understand. Keith
  9. Using encoders

    Hello guys Need some help please with interrupt functions. A machine we have is using an encoder connected to inputs 000.00 and 000.01 of a CQM. They are using this encoder to operate an output which in turn is used to make an inverter go to slow speed. How do i find where the settings are to adjust at what point this output is switched on and off. I know if you search for input 000.00 using syswin it does not find it. From my little knowledge do you have to use PRV or CTBL to make the operation work. There are also encoders connected to inputs 000.02 and 000.03 and 000.04 and 000.05. I would have thought that you would have seperate PRV's and CTBL's for each encoder, but searching through the programme of the m/c only reveals one PRV and one CTBL. Can anyone point me in the right direction please Keith