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  1. ControlLogix Structural Text program, any

    Hi, I met with one of our customers who complained about Structural Text(ST) program on ControlLogix is much inconvenient than Quntum product in terms of on-site tuning. I think the problem they described should be: - when online, ST in Quntum PLC shows, for example, RED when bool variant equals 1 and shows GREEN when 0. It's quite easy for them to find the place where the program goes stopped or logic error occurs. However, ST on CLX shows nothing except you put your mouse on the variant which tells you the actural status or add view to monitor those variant. We all agree that's really inconvenient. They've got use to Quntum ST so much and made their program with almost entirely ST rather than any ladder logics. If that's the case, it would be really tough job for them to tuning the CLX ST. Can we do that also? Or any patch or 3rd party software? I think that won't be too hard for RSLogix5000 designers, but we just can do nothing to help that if the software itself cann't do it. Thanks.
  2. Any restriction on Ladder lines in one Routine?

    Great to know that, thanks
  3. Hi there, Could anyone tell me if there're any restrictions on the ladder lines in one routine of ControlLogix? I know it must be 32 tasks for one project, 32 programs for one task, no limitation on routines for one program as long as the memory is sufficient, but i cann't find the information on ladder lines restriction in one routine. Is it still unlimited? Thanks a lot!
  4. RS5000 crash

    Try to re-install RSLogix5000? Is the same problem with other computers?
  5. How can we know FlexIO modules fault info?

    Hi there, I had a puzzle about how can I get the fault info of FlexIO from the Controller Tag directly. It's said FlexIO has the attribute to tell the user where the fault for each channel(like open wire, module down...) occurs and what kind of fault it is. But how? It seems to be a piece of cake for ControlLogix IO since all the fault info are connected to its controller tags and the user uses it as a trigger to know the fault happens. That's all. When it comes to FlexIO, however, i cann't find any documents or references how to do that. I configured a flexlogix in logix5000: and i believe the fault info should be in Local:0:I.fault Can someone help me find the references? What does 'Local:0:I.fault' code stands for in detail? With many thanks!
  6. Usage of AB Simulation software

    Generally we use Softlogix5000 and RSEmu5000 as ControlLogix program logic test plantform. What about IO? I mean what do you usually do with 1789-SIM 32 points IO inserted in simulated chassis? We're now constructing a application DEMO which we now think has including SoftLogix5k program, Intouch HMI. What else shall we include? Can we emulate on-site objects such as tanks, pumps, valves? I have designed some of motors PID loops with simple mathmatic algorithm in Logix ladder program, can i have alternative choice? Thanks for any comments.
  7. RSLinx Enterprise

    Hi there: Does anyone here know what's the real differences between RSLinx Classic and RSLinx Enterprise? From what i know, RSView ME need to use Enterprise as communication purpose, what about RSView SE? Can Classic do the same thing? I know RSLinx Classic has its own big family of 7 menbers with different function capability: Lite, OEM, Single-node, Professional, Gateway, SDK and for RSView, is it right RSLogix5/500/5000 cannot work without a certain version of Classic? Thanks a lot!
  8. RSLinx Enterprise

    Thanks for your help! Now I got something in my mind: RSLinx Classic is a must in at least two occasions that RSLinx Enterprise cannot help: 1. is for RS-Logix5/500/5000 to download/upload program to/from controllers.(That's should what happened in most cases.) 2. is when we need to communicate with 3rd party product like Intouch, S7300, Classic is a indispensable tools used as a open OPC Server.(Is it the same function as of IOServer of Intouch?) RSLinx Enterprise is no more than a proprietary com interface that works in FactoryTalk plantform only(or is preferred by AB because of optimized Logix data transfer). 1. RSLinx Enterprise is a must only when for RSView ME system configuration, like PanelView+, Versaview CE. 2. If for SE, we don't have to install Enterprise if we're not using HMI like PanelView or Versaview CE. However of course we may have better communication performance with Logix controller when we installed Enterprise. In this case, Enterprise is not necessary but for better performance only. The following question is how to purchurse RSLinx Enterprise if required. Is it a component of RSView SE Studio/ RSView ME ? You're really of great help!
  9. Hello guys, gals

    yeah, i do agree. Every plc company has its own secret weapon like AB's Intergrated Architechture and Simens's Total Intergrated Automation. It's seems about different marketing positioning. However, my preference is AB, i like ControlLogix most.
  10. Hello all, I'm a newcomer both in terms of time of registration in this forum and experience of AB products. It's so great to find such a wonderful forum to share information and learn a lot within. Before one of our senior engineers told us the website i was even thinking there's no such a website discussing AB products exist. As for this forum, I'm wondering if there's a collection of common questions raised in the forum, thereby one may searching specific topics one interested in. Of course I can search on the web directly, however the major difference between the two i think is the collection has been modified and archived in sort by organizer which means it has been thought to be more valuable... Thanks a lot! Best wishes for you all and this forum. (We call it BBS, Bulletin Board System)