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  1. Vista support for NS-Runtime

    Currently, NS-Runtime V1.00 is only supported by Windows XP. Anyone knows from which version it will be supported by Windows Vista ?
  2. File Name: NT Support tool (NTST) 4.85 registry fix File Submitter: PdL File Submitted: 24 Mar 2015 File Category: Omron When the last version of NT Support Tool 4.85 is installed, Omron PT models with system versions 3.2/4.2 are missing, making it impossible to upload from a PT with this system version or open a *.onw file with this system version selected. This registry fix adds the missing system version to NT Support tool. Extract the registry files and double click the appropriate one (32bit or 64bit Win7) to add the registry entry. Click here to download this file
  3. From PM this friday by Rodrigo300879 Hi Rodirgio, You can overcome the maximum of 256 characters limitation in the command line by writing your code in a Cicode function, and calling the Super Genie there. You then just call the function in the object command line (where you call the AssVarTags functions now) and include the strings to be passed on the the AssVarTags functions in the Cicode. I will post a sample code tomorrow.
  4. Here you go, latest version of the "old" NT2S software. You cannot convert old software with NTXS, you can only use new versions with this software. Nt2s_1.3C.zip
  5. Need Manual for CS1W-CTS21 SSI Interface

    This is the sheet tashinz is talking about. CJ1W_CTS21_E_Instruction_Sheet.pdf
  6. omron plc through ethernet and company vpn

    See attached document. Accessing_Omron_PLCs_via_the_Internet.pdf
  7. Does anyone know a good method or setting to be able to detect a PLC connected by Ethernet (FINS UDP) going offline, and more important a method to have it reconnect when online again? I am currently using a 5sec interval script to detect offline status by returning the value of the IsPLCOpen handle to a system point which on its turn raises a digital alarm. This works good on startup when a PLC is offline, but when a PLC goes offline during runtime (e.g. pulling the plug) it takes quite a while (even given the 5 sec interval). I also would like the PLC to auto reconnect within CX-Supervisor, just as with CX-Programmer. I asume the background comms using CX-Server is identical for both client applications so this should be possible?? I have tried some scripting using the IsPLCOpen status and controlling the PLCOpen command, but I could not get it to work. I have noticed that when a PLC goes offline, the PLC Open box at the runtime PLC properties is still checked but no status appears. Only when I uncheck and confirm to close the PLC and right after check the box again and confirm to open the PLC, the connection is re-established. Any help appreciated!!
  8. analog input for pressure tramsmitter

    Would be nice if you told us what CPU type and input unit / configuration you're using but I assume your input resolution is 12 bits and your CPU type supports the SCL (scaling) function. That would be a CJ1/CS1 CPU, C200HS, CPM2*, CPM2*-S*, SRM1-V2, CQM1, CQM1H and IDSC and C200HX. On C200HX Family (CPUxx_Z CPUs only), this function is also available in a 3-digit format as SCL(194). Attatched an example on how to scale the input for and control the pump according to a certain pressure. In the example I used a CJ1M with input unit CJ1W-AD041-V1 with unit # 1 Depending on the CPU type, the system flags can differ in adress. Refer to your CPU operation manual. Also your input conversion value and range depends on the input unit used.  Example.cxp
  9. Follow this guide for CJ1/CJ2 CF card backup/restore... Mind this is not an official Omron document, I put it together to send to customers. PLC Compact flash backup&restore guide.pdf
  10. Hi, I think that after the forum upgrade the attachment got lost... Here it is.     CJ2 PLC Compact flash easy backup&restore guide.pdf
  11. programming NT21 PT

    If you register at MyOmron.com (for free), you can download NTST4.82 (for free). https://www.myomron.com/newoopadmin/filebrowser.php?targetDir=/downloads/4.Products/Software/NT/NTST    
  12. CX-Programmer Sections Stopped

    Change regional settings in Windows to English, close CX-Programmer and recompile.
  13. Cable: http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/files/file/349-universal-cable-for-omron-9-pin-port/ You will need to have a program (file extension is *.onw) or create one using NT Support Tool. You can download a copy here: (https://www.myomron.com/index.php?action=downloads register and look in /downloads/4.Products/Software/NT/NTST/) Press any two corners to enter the system menu on the NT31C and go to transmit mode, connect cable to screen and download.    
  14. IR register operation

    Have a look here: http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=195
  15. Problem with CX-one instalation

    I recently ran into the same installing CX-One 4.1, on a normal (non virtual) system. I manually installed the USB drivers from the installation disk and following ran CX-One installation again, now it was ok. No idea why it would hang on USB driver installation. Try searching for dpinst.exe on your CX-One disk, there are separate versions for different O/S but if you'll find the right one.    
  16. Can you post a screenshot?
  17. CP1L RS232 comunication fail

    Are you using @SET to set A526.01?
  18. What do you mean by restart? What do you want to achieve, making a bit 1 can be done in several ways, by programming conditions or by forcing the bit. Reading your other post the question makes sense, I guess you mean to say by making a bit 1 instead of to make a bit 1. No there's not, you can always have a an output interrupt power using an ordinary hardwired timer for instance but that doesn't sound as a soluton merely a workaround.
  19. CQM1H CPU 21 NS5-MQ00B V2 connection

    Cable is correct but you need to set the correct parameters for communication in both CQM1 and NS5. Post screenshots of these.
  20. Network problems.

    Attached find the list of error codes for the DRM21, see my reply below. Err7Seg from W380-E1-08 DRM21.pdf
  21. help in Encoder, PLC, Inverter, Position

    You seem to want a lot. What have you done yourself already to find the answers to your questions? Seems like a typical school project by the way.
  22. Where did you find the error code Bob? In CX-Programmer error log? What does the error log of the master in the IO table say?
  23. CX Supervisor crash bcs *.NVP file

    I have no idea but CXS1.33 is pretty old, perhaps the problem is fixed in recent version V3??

    Are you trying to connect an HMI to the computer running CX-Simulator?