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  1. hi sir,


    i have CQM1H CPU 51 PLC.still it not communicate with the system.I have cx programmer version v 9.5.

    using cables: CN 226-USB CIF02 Combination.

    When i connect auto online,it not showing this plc name.Only showing like c series,cj series, like.



    1. gclshortt


      The cable that you are using is not listed in the datasheet for the controller.

      I believe that you have the wrong cable. 
      The above link will give you the RS232 pinout. 
      I have had success communicating using the USB port of a computer using the Ugreen USB to RS232 cable.

      Hope this helps you out.

  2. Hello PdL,

    I was reading a thread that you shared with Bertie Baker about a loss of a PLC unable to connect after repowering and wondered if you got anywhere with it. I have put Supervisor on to 8 of our production lines in Carlisle England in order to data log production. Problem is that on Saturday morning 0600 the operators switch off the panels supplying the PLCs and then on Monday the Supervisor runtime has to be restarted in order for the data logging etc to resume.


    Kind Regards



  3. Hi, I think that after the forum upgrade the attachment got lost... Here it is.     CJ2 PLC Compact flash easy backup&restore guide.pdf
  4. programming NT21 PT

    If you register at MyOmron.com (for free), you can download NTST4.82 (for free). https://www.myomron.com/newoopadmin/filebrowser.php?targetDir=/downloads/4.Products/Software/NT/NTST    
  5. NTXS V1.03

    Do you still have a copy of this older install?

  6. CX-Programmer Sections Stopped

    Change regional settings in Windows to English, close CX-Programmer and recompile.
  7. Cable: http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/files/file/349-universal-cable-for-omron-9-pin-port/ You will need to have a program (file extension is *.onw) or create one using NT Support Tool. You can download a copy here: (https://www.myomron.com/index.php?action=downloads register and look in /downloads/4.Products/Software/NT/NTST/) Press any two corners to enter the system menu on the NT31C and go to transmit mode, connect cable to screen and download.    
  8. Problem with CX-one instalation

    I recently ran into the same installing CX-One 4.1, on a normal (non virtual) system. I manually installed the USB drivers from the installation disk and following ran CX-One installation again, now it was ok. No idea why it would hang on USB driver installation. Try searching for dpinst.exe on your CX-One disk, there are separate versions for different O/S but if you'll find the right one.    
  9. Can you post a screenshot?
  10. CP1L RS232 comunication fail

    Are you using @SET to set A526.01?
  11. What do you mean by restart? What do you want to achieve, making a bit 1 can be done in several ways, by programming conditions or by forcing the bit. Reading your other post the question makes sense, I guess you mean to say by making a bit 1 instead of to make a bit 1. No there's not, you can always have a an output interrupt power using an ordinary hardwired timer for instance but that doesn't sound as a soluton merely a workaround.
  12. CQM1H CPU 21 NS5-MQ00B V2 connection

    Cable is correct but you need to set the correct parameters for communication in both CQM1 and NS5. Post screenshots of these.
  13. Network problems.

    Attached find the list of error codes for the DRM21, see my reply below. Err7Seg from W380-E1-08 DRM21.pdf
  14. help in Encoder, PLC, Inverter, Position

    You seem to want a lot. What have you done yourself already to find the answers to your questions? Seems like a typical school project by the way.