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  1. NS5 screen defective

    hi, there is neither screen saver nor dedicated power supply. The screen is in a retort control system, the temperature may be 35-40ºC or so in the cabinet. The screen is turned off at the end of working day. Omrons reparation report said that was an error in the NS power supply, that may be a lot defect. The same error occour with an first time used screen (with no plant operation, only take off the box and feed). All the NS were buyed at the same time, so may be the same lot I think that there should be a dedicated power supply but......i am not the boss thanks
  2. NS5 screen defective

    Hi all, We have installed 14 NS5 screens 2 years ago (ns5-sq00-v1) and yesterday i have replaced the 4th screen in this 2 years. The screens become black and the light is red. I think that may be a manufacture defect, what do you think?, anybody has the same problem whit NS5?. The OMRON representative here replace our screen in garantie but...if the other 10 are manufacture defect too and the garantie has passed? thanks
  3. Cx-server error

    hi, i try with an older version of cx-server (v1.7) and the problems does not appear, i am waiting for the omron representative for a copy of cx-server v3.0 to try with it. the problem may be in cx-server 2.4, i don´t know, with the older version works. i will tell you the results with v3.0 in 2 weeks or so by
  4. FINS UPD for Ethernet

    I make only steps 1 to 3 but without ip address table, Conversion Auto (Dynamic) instead. I get good results, sorry but i can help you more. Suerte. Saludos
  5. FINS UPD for Ethernet

    hi, the code works great, have you configured the ethernet unit of the plc? by
  6. PID Instruction

    opps, i think that my problem are the units, where i think that i am writing PB=1, it is actually 0.1, so 100/0.1=1000, sorry sleepy thanks for your time and support
  7. PID Instruction

    Hi Sleepy, I don´t know but i play with omrons PID instruction and i can´t get what you said above, for example: Input=1 Set Value=2 Proportional Band=1 Integral=9999 not actived Derivative=0000 not actived Sample period=1 So, error equals 1, output should be: error*100/PB=1*100/1=100 are you agree with me? now, run the pid instruction in the attached program and i get a result of 1000, if error is 2 than output equals 500... this is the reason why i think that in omron the formula is gain=1000/PB. can you said me please where i am wrong? i can´t find my mistake thank you very much p.s: the pid function is a little bit particular, what do you think about the Bumpless operation?, if the pv make a step change, the output take a time to actuate. Anybody knows the meaning of lambda in the Block Diagram for target Value PID with Two Degrees of Freedom that appears in w340-e1-06 pg664?, we can´t configure this parameter in the function PIDsample.cxp
  8. PID Instruction

    yes Sleepy but, the input for PB parameter is from 0 to 999.9% (0000 to 9999), so if you enter 100 than the Gain is 10 in omron PLC. I think so, may be i am mistake
  9. PID Instruction

    hi, i think that the formula for omron is: PB= 1000/Gain Gain=1000/PB because the PB is from 0 to 999.9% bye
  10. Cx-server error

    Hi, Omron is on holydays here, this is a screenshot of the error. Memory ok thanks
  11. Cx-server error

    Hi Pdl, the opc project has 14devices (PLCs), each one has only one group with 26 items , total 364 items to read.what do you think about it?, too many items?. thanks
  12. Cx-server error

    Hi BobB, I have not the cx-one, only the cx-programmerv5.0. I have downloaded de cx-server v2.4 from the omron site and it does the same, also with the latest cx-opc 1.22. the results that i get with the opc are not gut enought, the application would be a supervisión scada and i am not sure that the values that appears in the screen are good or not. I think that it is possible to make a communication with tcp commands or udp, labview has functions for this but i have not enought experience neither in finscommunicatons nor labview tcp/udp communicatons. I don't know how to build the frame and how to send it. I used time ago the finsgateway for downloading ns screens passing trought plcs but i have never use it for other purposes, is there any "step by step how to.." manual of finsgateway communicaton and configuration?. thank you
  13. Cx-server error

    hi all, i am working in an application in LabView that use cx-server OPC to communicate with cj1mcpu12+etn21: cx-opc server 1.2 cx-server 2.4 labView7.1 the problem is that, after the good read of the opc during some seconds or minutes, an error occour in cdmsvr20.exe and the program stops reading and "hang up" has anybody similar problem?, i really do not like cx_opc server, i can not put it in good operation and i don´t know if it is a problem of labview or opc ;-(, sometimes works and sometimes do not. thanks
  14. TCP/IP communication

    Hi all, I am trying to communicate with a cj1mcpu12+etn21 with tcp commands, i have allready downloaded the jay code for UDP communications and i use it for building the Fins command to send but the results are not good in my application. my pc is the plc is i put 9600 as port number i send this fins data: 800002010600010300000501 (model read) in the jay code that works but in my code the result is: FINS + cubes and zeros is any configuration needed before sending the command? thanks in advise Alberto
  15. fwrite function

    hi Sleepy, There is no problem with your program, it works fine. i have the problem with my application. I don´t know if i really need to interlock the portion of program where i use the fwrite funtion like you do. My application writes the first line of the file and then write the others that are diferent from the first one. When the file is full a PC download it via ftp. The problem is that sometimes (with random frecuency) the downloaded file come without the first line and that is a great problem. I think that the problem is that the ftp program download and delete the file while the PLC is writing to it and that the reason why the first line is not in the file. Whell, sorry for my long post, the question is:why do you interlock the fwrite function? i have never use the interlock function and i don´t know if i muss to use it in my program thanks