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  1. pnp or npn sensors

    I don't understand why anyone would use NPN inputs in any application! Whoever has, i'm interested to know why?
  2. Sequence of Event

    you have a two learning curves to cross. 1- programming a SLC; 2- developing in wonderware Instructions? you could scale your analog inputs in the PLC with a SCP or CPT (see the AB Analog Input Module manual for programing examples). The SLC does not record the historical data, wonderware does. Speed? You can trend your tags at a 100ms (or 0 if you want) interval, but it will only record as fast as the driver polls the data, and assuming you are using a DH+ network I dont' think you will get that high of resolution.
  3. Oi vey, be careful about using cobbled up communication schemes if you are using it for time critical I/O. Does anyone know if there is certified wireless Ethernet I/P routers? I didn't think there was. I was talking to my vendor about a bluetooth I/O setup. I think it was phoneix contact as well, but for discrete I/O (profibus maybe) rather than serial conversion.
  4. From my experience with earlier versions of Concept, I've stayed away from it as much as possible. Maybe the frenchies have improved it since then, but now wehre I work all I use is AB...
  5. Ken is right, you never had 2 licenses before, you were just allowed to control it at your own discretion. That's too bad too, it useful for was development
  6. Aww, the Micro 1000 can't do ASCII control
  7. Awt Awa Stuck En Bits

    well you can send multiple commands obviously (some other subroutines fire off over 10 blocks), since it works most of the time. I do agree that it's not best practice, hence the problems i'm seeing. I didn't write the program, I more or less inherited it, so I"m not taking credit for it's flaws Nevertheless, I've decided I am going to re-write it, I agree with your approach. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll let you know if I ever see the problem again after I change it.
  8. Awt Awa Stuck En Bits

    twcontrols: perhaps it is a buffer issue, I will look into something like that. jstolaruk: yes the subroutines are run conditionally. if i were to wait for the DN of the previous block, wouldn't I have to loop the subroutine and wait several scans before it was done? thanks for the replies. it's just weird to track down a problem when it works 99.98% of the time
  9. This is on a SLC 5/04. There are calls to various subroutines which send ascii to a printer. Every so often (like months at a time) random EN bits toggle on, and the receipts that are print out are messed up. So I have to go in and find the culprits and toggle them back. Attached is an example of one of the subroutines. Any ideas on whats causing/how to avoid?
  10. Find a old computer, and send ASCII via rs232 to hyperterminal
  11. 1784 Ktk1

    You may need the 6201-DDA Software.. I am not sure that there are drivers for more recent software, maybe someone else knows
  12. The ABR may support contrologix but it doesn't support tagname addressing, so you have to use a map array. Using the OPC driver instead will save a lot of headache...
  13. Myspace?

  14. Myspace?

    online community where you make a profile and collect friends, send bullitens and can have a blog. .. why? :)
  15. Data Table Control

    Can you create new data files using partial download?