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  1. RS System Ferret View File Poll an RSLinx Classic network for all devices. A good writeup on how to use it is here: Submitter JordanCClark Submitted 06/23/23 Category Demo Software
  2. RS System Ferret

    Version 1.0.0


    Poll an RSLinx Classic network for all devices. A good writeup on how to use it is here:
  3. PLC Law

    Put me on the list for proofreading, if you need an extra set of eyes.
  4. Picture Software

    .NET is cross language. The link he gave ends up redirecting to Rasteredge. Their SDK is $1500.00, which is a great deal, because Snagit is only $50.00... Also the yiigo site is full of non-working links. All in all, kinda suspicious, IMHO.
  5. Maths over flow with Div command

    Well, the real issue is that dividing by zero, mathematically speaking, is infinity-- or impossible, depending on who your teacher was. The processor went as large as it could (32767) before giving the overflow error. A way to keep it from doing the divide by zero in your instance would be to check that the T4:20.ACC is not equal to zero (using the NEQ instruction) just before the divide instruction. That way in that one instance where the timer is reset, you won't go into a tailspin. Hope this helps!
  6. Usefull stuff?

    Ok! here's a modest list. Places here in the States Sunstone 3 2"x4" boards for $97.00 No eTest, but always good quality ExpressPCB Two 3"x5" boards for $85. No Solder mask or silkscreen OSH Park One of my favorites! Dark purple solder mask over a black fiberglass board, gold plated pads-- a really sharp looking board. $5 per sq. in. for three copies. So a 3"x3" board would run $45 for three. And now the Chinese Connection: Seeed Studio They made 10 5cm x 10cm boards for me for $25.00, with solder mask and Silkscreen. All seemingly good quality. iTead Studio I think they use the same fab house as Seeed, but they carry other items as well. Some users also rate their customer service a bit higher. I've not had an issue with either I'll pay the bit extra for OSHPark if I'm in a hurry to get a prototype done. Of there's no hurry, I'll use Seeed In the last month I've learned of two new players in the the Chinese Market and I'm thinking of giving them both a try. because they will do a **framed** steel stencil for and additional $20. because they don't charge for color.
  7. PLZ Suggest a PLC for three yaskawa 750W servo drives

    Yaskawa makes a PLC that will connect over Mechatrollink to their servos. Yaskawa PLC info I've only had limited and painful success using yaskawa in other platforms. No real experience in using these PLC's-- I just have a couple that are on OEM equipment.
  8. ifm supplies an Add-on Instruction for use with a Logix (RSL5000) processor.
  9. I have had good results with ifm's Multicode readers. They are capable of processing data over Ethernet or RS232, and can be externally triggered (like with a PLC output or a sensor)
  10. Usefull stuff?

    Snagit: IMO, one of the best screenshot program out there. Also can vid cap your screen. Not free, but very useful. Includes editor. CamStudio: Fork of Camtasia before Camtasia went commercial. Picture Resizer: Batch resize images to a width (i.e. make an 800x600 copy of your 10MP image to use in a Word document. Help keep your document sizes manageable. Diptrace: Schematic and PCB layout. Not free, but suprisingly inexpensive. PCB123: Free Schematic and PCB layout from Sunstone. Oddly, they let you order boards directly from the software... Angry IP Scanner: Scan an entire Range of IPs, 63 threads at a time. Also a port scanner. Hamachi: Free secure hosted VPN, different topologies other than mesh now available. Does anyone want my list of PCB sources?
  11. Omron PLC basic example problem

    Also, consider upping your resistor size. Driving an LED off of 24VDC will be rather borderline with the 1k resistor. I generally use 1.5k-- still plenty bright, and protects your diode a little bit more.
  12. PLC Law

    Wow! Been a long time since I've stopped by! Here's a few to add: PLC Law 18.3- It's always a program/electrical problem until you can prove it's not. PLC Law 36.5- The problem is somewhere between the floor and the HMI... PLC Law 49.2- The time estimate for all task should be four days. Example: How long will this take to install? Four days. How long will it take to change this fuse? Four days. Four days covers almost all thing in life. Numbering for the new ones have gotten a bit out of whack, so by my count we're at... PLC Law 55- When putting it into memory, remember where you put it. PLC Law 56- Rule 1: Plug it in. Rule 2: Turn it on. This solves 80% of all troubleshooting. PLC Law 57- A poorly planned project will take three times longer to complete than expected. A carefully planned one will only take twice as long. PLC Law 58- All good projects require money, time, and resources. You may pick any two. PLC Law 59- Does anything say "Thanksgiving" quite like cranberry sauce? Everyone needs a good non-sequiter. Regards, Jordan [GREAT JOB JORDAN - ALL MAKE THE 2014 EDITION AS NUMBERED]