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  1. Questions about CJ2M EIP

    PMCR I thought that the variables in the PLC had to be a produced type when another control ie. NS had to read it with Ethernet/IP. But that is not the case then. It's great that Omron has gone this way, makes it lot more easy to implement all sorts of equipment, except Siemens, they always go another way
  2. Questions about CJ2M EIP

    Hi PMCR Now i get it Implicit is the way to go then, when it's possible. That explains why I don't need any code to connect an NS panel using Ethernet/IP
  3. Questions about CJ2M EIP

    Hi Maybe these questions have been up here before, but I still have some basic issues about something As I understand it there is Explicit messaging and datalink ways of transfering data on the EIP21, or is this the same thing? If not, when should you use what type I have looked at the tutorial in the download section about setting up an Omron and an AB, the same example is ok for 2 CJ2M aswell? When you use this tutorial, is the data automaticly polled, or do you have to make send/recv/cmnd instructions in your code? Regards Morten Denmark
  4. Network advice

    Hi I know the Componet compact I/O very well and find it very easy to use. We use them a lot in automatic cranes. Good diagnostic possibilities. I is not so important with additional stuff to the network, like regulators, powermeters etc. so Componet will do the job. Only in and output is needed. The Profinet is a great solution, but it is a bit more expensive and maybe overkill to this job. I think we go for the Componet then, thanks for the inputs.
  5. Network advice

    Hi We are about to change a factorys old control systems like relays, timers, regulators etc. We have now changed one part, we call that the main part, with a CJ1M plc and one NS10. My question is, should I go for distributed I/O for the rest and make the CJ1M the maín control , or should I use for example several CP1 controllers, and move controls out to the CP1. The communication between the parts is a bit more simple with the distrbuted I/O, altough the possibility for more NS terminals is easy with a CP1. As I se it, the only way of connecting the CJ1M and the CP1 is some serial communication. The ethernet modul for CP1 is as I understand it not a real ethernetmodul, it communications like serial? Right? The system needs to be ready for future SCADA system, again I think the distributed I/O is the way to go Regards Morten
  6. CP1L-RXD Problem - Please Help

    Hi Iyad Perhaps you need to have the syntax LD A392.14?? Regards Morten
  7. Sysmac C60P built in Panasert PCB Loader Problem

    Hi Again. BTW, the alarm indicator is only for non fatal failures. the cpu will continue operating. But in your case with dead battery, the program might be lost Regards Morten
  8. Sysmac C60P built in Panasert PCB Loader Problem

    Hi SvKo. Some old machines you have down there You must find a HOST-LINK adapter LK201, it fits on the connector in the CPU Check out this thread for more information Regards Morten
  9. C200HS...use a std rs232 cable to connect

    I think the DB25 is the optional part, its for old pc's I think. Regards
  10. Circuitdiagram S5-100U

    Hi I need the circuit diagram for an S5-100U CPU103 The voltage-regulator for the 5V busvoltage is not getting any voltagesupply. Is there somewhere i can get this on the web?? Morten
  11. Wonderware ChangePassword function

    What WW version are you using?
  12. Protocol macro for V1000 inverter series

    I have used these FB, but we dumped it again, can't remember why. Maybe it were unstabel. V1000_Control_FreeRW.pdf V1000_Control_FreeRW.rar
  13. Omron AC Drive / Varispeed F7

    The IGBT is the output transistors, so maybe they are damaged.
  14. Activex or dll for C# .net

    Hi again. I will take a look on the cx-server LITE example. So far I have used the ingear OPC with the IDN.IO namespace from Industrial Dot Net in some tests, haven't got i it right yet. Is it posible to get a trial of the cx server LITE??
  15. Activex or dll for C# .net

    Hi Is there any ActiveX, dll or OPC stuff for making communication to omron ethernet. I can only find application used in VB6. Lots off AB solutions but no omron Regards Morten