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  1. RSView32

    Hello! Any body know how to make tagsubstitute in a easier and faster way for RSView software POSSEngineering
  2. RS232 RS422 converter

    Hello! Why should you build this by your self Please take a look at http://www.westermo.com/Resource.phx/conte...eters/md-45.htx POSSEngineering
  3. RSView - RSStudio

    Hello! Yes I'm exporting tags from RSView32 to .csv -file But when import this .csv -file to RSStudio the format is not equal and RSStudio reply failures. For example initial values for digital tags are "On" and "Off" in RSView32 ,but in RSStudio it should be "0" and "1". When I manually coorect this formats the import to RSStudio function well. The same format problems maybe also for analog and string tags. This is very strange POSSEngineering
  4. RSView - RSStudio

    Anybody knows how to import tags from a RSView32 application to a RSStudio project for Panelview1000 POSSE
  5. OPC Driver for SattControl PLC

    Hello Download OPC driver from Beijer Electronics (Swedish company but the software is in english) 20MB http://automation.beijer.se/web/webbfiles....cument&LANG=AUT This demo version is for free and you can run it for 30 minutes. Software will cost aprox 6.000 Swedish kroner. Divide by 13 and you will have it in pounds. This OPC can handle Comli protocoll and then you can communicate to RSView POSSEngineering