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  1. Dear,

    For Below,

    Can I have your sample program? Indirect_FB.cxp .

    Thank you and appreciated.




    f I understand what you are wanting to do, you want to point at different memory areas from a FB, without having to specify that variable as an AT address? I have done something identical to this, using index registers inside the FB. I have declared some tags as UINTS, Type_CIO, Type_D at 0 & D0 respectively. These tags are inputs to the FB, but instead of having a memory area, I set the index position of the data area that I want to look at. I have attached a sample of what I have done, maybe this will help? Indirect_FB.cxp It is pretty self-explanatory, you will need to know how the IR registers work to understand it I guess... Edited 8 Mar 2008 by scottmurphy

  2. DataLog Display

    Yeah, that makes sense, I was hoping to avoid it, but your suggestion about the scale triggered an option. I could make the scale -100 to 500 for example, so if the analogue variable is -10 to 40, I could then make the digital value -90/-80, that should give some clarification. I will do some testing, and see what it looks like.
  3. DataLog Display

    Hello, I am wanting to display an analogue & digital trend on the same screen. To avoid conflicting scaling issues, the best way is to do 2x graphs, with the scales set accordingly. The issue that this presents, is the scrolling back/fwd through history values. I could add the scroll bars to each chart display, but then the user would have to navigate both at the same time. Not a major problem I guess, but does make it slightly frustrating. Ideally, it would be nice to be able to link the start times, but I am doubting that this is possibly. Any other ideas on a workaround, or is it scroll bars on each?
  4. CPM2A and C200HX-CPU44 on Ethernet

    Ok, lets back up again, what is the IO count you are looking for if you are going to upgrade to a CP1x model? You could possible go to the M model, which has the facility to have 2x option boards, I would make 1 an ethernet, and the other a serial, and put the 2x NS's on 1:NT link. This way, you can have the WW using the ethernet, and also a spare connection for programming. It is my understanding that these ethernet modules are very limited in their functionality. PMCR will be able to give you the exact limitations I am sure... I do have 1 installed, but have not had a chance to do some more rigorous testing with it. I currently use it for SCADA and PLC, with no apparent issues anyway. I cannot recall if you said what your requirements for upgrading the CPMA were?
  5. CPM2A and C200HX-CPU44 on Ethernet

    The info I have for the HL8 server says C-Series PLC's, it is my understanding that this will work with the CPMA range. I don't have a CPMA to test with unfortunately, I do have a CP1 which may work... I will also have a look at the DASOMSerial.. The EWon info that pdl posted does look like an option also, but then would you need 2 of them...? I am pretty sure that MOXA do a 2 port serial server over ethernet This may even be easier, but then it has to run the application on the Host PC. I would be looking at the HL8 to begin with, but would want to go to the DAS longer term. The easiest way for this would be to upgrade the CPMA to a CP1, how much is involved in that?
  6. CPM2A and C200HX-CPU44 on Ethernet

    Whilst I think about it, are any of your CS1 PLC's connected to the InTouch system? If so, then what protocol are they using?
  7. CPM2A and C200HX-CPU44 on Ethernet

    Those models do not support Ethernet. You could upgrade them both to versions that do, the CPM1/2A could be replaced with a CPL/M/H, that has a Ethernet module available, and the C200HX would need to have the backplane & CPU upgraded, to allow for an ethernet module to be added to the rack, providing there is a spare slot? One of the good things with the Omron platform, is a conversion from an earlier model is very easily done. IMO that would be a pricey way to go just to get some data from them. You could get an ethernet to serial gateway, I cannot think of any reason why these would not work, and would be a fraction of the cost & time involved in upgrading. Bearing in mind however, that standardising is also a good idea....
  8. Modbus from Serial Port?

    The NP will be your best option here. I have done something similar recently, and was a bit of work to begin with, but once proven, it is fine. The Modbus examples posted by PMCR are very easy to setup and get working for this, have a look and see how you get on.
  9. NS Error

    Hi, Recently we have been getting errors on a NS (See attached). The system version of this particular screen is 8.10. I have just downloaded V8.21, but will not be on-site until later in the week. What I would like to know, if possible, what is the cause of this error? I vaguely recall a similar error occurring when trying to open a screen from a macro or something similar that does not exist, but I don't think it is the case here, as the error used to tell you what the screen no error was.. We are using Datalogging on this unit to a CF card, and do have the WebGate function enabled also. The logging is not at any great rate, there are 4x groups configured as follows: Group 1 : 30sec, 4pens. Only logs on certain conditions Group 2 : 60sec, 5 pens. Logs always Group 3 : 60sec, 1 pens. Logs always Group 4 : 60sec, 1 pens. Logs always The operators have also been complaining that the screen is starting to consistently be slow updating, sometimes up to 5sec or more. Will the latest firmware solve this error, if indeed we can establish what the cause may be?
  10. CP1H/Modbus Easy Master

    I briefly called into this site recently, and made some interesting observations. I was looking at the Poll/Failure rate, and noticed that this was varying when if I was online/offline via the CJ1W-ETN21. When offline, Start Polls := 46550 Fails := 465 % := 0.998 Finish Polls := 46950 Fails := 467 % := 0.994 And then Online, Start Polls 47000 Fails 467 % 0.993 Finish Polls := 47312 Fails := 475 % := 1.003 This was a period of 5-10 minutes each, you can see that there is a noticeable difference between when I was online/offline. This is an interesting find, it seems that I maybe need to increase the peripheral servicing time again, to allow for the ETN module. Currently, it as 5mS, is there a way to calculate/determine what the ideal settings for this should be? The agent has made some further suggestions, mainly to try again with 4wire and earth on/off etc. I haven't had time to do this as yet, but don't imagine I will get much difference
  11. Colour Pallette

    again This is what I have been looking for also, I had resorted to using a rectangle & frame object. Looks like I owe you a pint or 2....
  12. Colour Pallette

    Hi Bertie, See attached image, see there is 2x palette's. The larger one is the one that I have accessed from the page properties, whereas the smaller one is the one accessed via 'View/Palette'. I haven't been able to work out how to add more colours to the basic shape objects (squares/circles etc.)
  13. Colour Pallette

    Hello, I have noticed now that there are more colour options for a page background, but not for general objects? Is this a reg setting I have wrong/can change, or still a limitation?
  14. CP1H/Modbus Easy Master

    Just checked, it looks like I have it set to 10 (1sec). The other settings that I have not tried on this install was going back to a variable scan time as opposed to fixed at 20mS. This is not a major, I want to get this issue sorted first. Scott
  15. CP1H/Modbus Easy Master

    Right, I finally managed to get back to site today, had 2x Loan VSD's identical to Site 2. Put the 2 VSD's at the end of line where the terminator is ( This install has the termination point adjacent to the origin to allow for future devices), modified the node no's in the polling commands, and away the comms went, without missing a beat, no failures or errors at all!! I couldn't get the logging mode to work, I tried uni & bi-directional, but no data was retrieved, is it possible my wiring was incorrect for this format, even though it works in the monitor mode. Just for an example of what the VSD message looked like with no 'no responses', look at 7&8.txt. 7_8.txt 1122_with_failure.txt 2_8_with_failure.txt