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  1. RIO Conversion Question

    Hello Everyone, Hope you all have a good and safe weekend. Just in case anyone gets bored or rained out this weekend, I have posted a spreadsheet and .RSS for my conversion project from DH+ to RIO. If you look at profgram file 16 for the BTW and BTR, The spreadsheet shows DH+ addressing in column W and my conversion in column Z. Am I on the right track???? Thanks to all. L3_RIO.RSS L3_rio.xls
  2. RIO Conversion Question

    I'm creating an Excel spreadsheet as I read this message. It works now but I'm sure I'll miss a tag when converting to RIO or be a line off somewhere si I want to be able to find it without the extreme grief. Thanks for the idea and time to respond.
  3. Devicenet Ultra 3000

    ifwoodland, I'll give it a shot. Yeah, it makes sense to me I think. I'll print what you posted and see what happens. Thanks a bunch.
  4. Devicenet Ultra 3000

    I haven't heard what's going on with customer and my boss concerning new unit. But still have a question. There is numeric entry on PV600 to enter distance to travel---8", 6.58", etc. I have this going to a floating point in the data table in the SLC. I have reading to do but where does this go into the drive---or how does this number get to the drive for movement??? Retract on the actuator will be same number. Thanks,
  5. RIO Conversion Question

    Yeah, basic program and PV screens and tags. Was done and working in the office and now we have to change. This involves multiple panels and systems. I cannot find any fast easy way to make changes so guess I will drag theru it til done.
  6. Devicenet Ultra 3000

    Thank you ifwoodland. I'll look at this tomorrow.
  7. RIO Conversion Question

    Hello Again, I have a new app here is the office not started up yet but is complete and working. SLC 5/04 and PV+ 1000 communicating DH+. Custormer wants it changed to RIO. We can use same PV+---only chamges I think are in PLC and RSView program. Have the BTW and BTR complete. Is there any simple fast organized way to make all other changes on PV addresses and PLC addresses?? I can go thru them and do it---just thought someone has done this before an easy method. Glad customer has lots of money to do this. Thanks for looking.
  8. Devicenet Ultra 3000

    You guys are correct---the wrong drive was purchased. The customer purchased everything and my boss is in the process of getting things corrected. I did get the actuator to move with help from our home office. He assigned instances 9 and 11. By toggling a bit with enable high, it will move back and forth. I guess this is much easier with an index drive. I may need some help here with the PLC code to get the actuator to move in and out. This is new to me although I've been doing this for several years---just not dnet and ultra 3000. Thanks for your comments. It is much appreciated. If anyone has sample code using index drive and dnet, I would appreciate studying it until the new drive get here. Thanks again.
  9. Devicenet Ultra 3000

    Thanks for the comments. The customer along with our company suggestions purchased the equipment. I have been on line with the drive with the Ultraware 3000. The actuator moves fine with parameters I enter if doing an autotune. Will read the book closer and see if that helps. Thanks
  10. Devicenet Ultra 3000

    I have added the devicenet program. I believe I have to somehow address in the RSS the mapped I/O in the dnet for the ultra 3000. I want to extend by a set amount then retract. Also need a home position I guess. Any help/comments/rungs appreciated very much. Thank you, DeviceNet_practice.dnt
  11. Devicenet Ultra 3000

    attached is PLC program. Most is original program that was not devicenet---the PV prgram file is mine for devicenet. Actuator is controlled via Ultra 3000 drive and I'm trying to figure out settings. I'm trying to get the actuator to move out the distance in F8:40 and return. The existing controller is of unknown brand to me now. Any help or comments appreciated. Program attached is no where near complete yet to me. This is where my trouble is. Thanks 3587_05112007.RSS
  12. Devicenet Ultra 3000

    Hello, I'm lost on how to do something. All Devicenet with SN in slot 9. System is SLC, PV 600, Ultra 3000 controlling a linear actuator. The actuator motor has 2000ppr encoder and 8000 pulses is 1 inch of travel I believe. I enter on dnet PV the length to extend out when energized. Have that OK going to floating point register in PLC. After quick delay, return to original retracted position. Length can be changed at any time via PV. Anyone have any ladder rungs for SLC that will do this?? Or ideas to do this?? Comments/help appreciated.
  13. Hello Everyone, I read some posts from a year ago on this and still have some questions. First, I have an existing control panel that was used and working with a SLC 5/04, Panelview 600 RIO, and 1305 drives on a conveyor system. We are refurbing the panel and replacing the drives with PowerFlex 70's. The panelview screens and PLC program are being changed for a bit different operation but still a conveyor system. I have the 20-COMM-R manual here and also Bulletin 1203 Remote I/O Comms Module manual. But I cannot find the status words for the old 1305 to compare to the PF 70 status words to see what I have to change if anything. I must be missing something. The program uses BTR & BTW file. All help and comments appreciated. Thanks.
  14. pv100/RSView Studio 4.00 questions

    Thanks Ken, I may send you an email later with a couple of questions. I'm going to look around the prgram and see what I can do from your response. I'm not going to worry about the seconds on the clock. It's minor and I have more important issues to tackle to finish this. I need to make sure there is comms loss indication on the main screen, that the current HOA popups disappear when a second, third, etc are on the screen. I can only have one there at a time. Thanks for now. DD
  15. Am about done with prgram in ME for a panelview plus 1000DH+, SLC 5/04. When pressing an object, have an HOA popup screen that comes up to control the object. When pressing the 2nd object, a second popup HOA screen pops up on top of the first popup. I want the first HOA popup screen to disappear when the second popup comes up. How do I do that. I believe it's a check box but cannot find it. Second, I have date and time on screen. Can I delete seconds from showing on the clock?? Used the "object"---"drawing"----"text" date and time choice. Last, there are many examples for control logic and PLC5 for lost comms between PV+ 1000 and PLC, but not for SLC processor. Anyone have standard sample logic for this??? Any comments and/or assistance appreciated. Thanks a lot, DD