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  1. Micrologix 1200 I/O error

    I am trying to troubleshoot a Micrologix 1200 error from afar....and am not having too much luck. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could cause and 0189h error (I/O module error)? There is only the ML 1200 and an 1762-IF2OF2 module on the rack. Thanks in advance!
  2. Micrologix 1200 I/O error

    I very much appreciate your response. I have seen that somewhere, but my problem is that I had this unit working and set up correctly and my boss had gone out to train on site. So therefore, I don't know if he or the customer changed anything. But I will certainly have him check the dip switch settings....it's not possible to change the program without RSLogix right?
  3. RSLogix PID

    I am new to using the PID control in RSLogix and I am trying to switch over from using a PID controller to using the RSLogix PID control with a PLC. Can anyone give me some basics on what I should know before trying to do this? I have some specs we used on the PID controller, but there seems to be alot of information that doesn't quite match up between the two types of controllers. What information is actually necessary for the PID function to execute? Also, if there are more (any) details I can supply that would be useful, please let me know.
  4. RSLogix PID

    I am using RSLogix 5000 with a CompactLogix controller, but I am using the Mini edition of Logix and this version does not support Function Block programming. Therefore, I have to use the standard PID, since the PIDE is only available as a function block.
  5. Micrologix1100 & RSLogix 500 help

    Nevermind!! I figured it out = ) Thank you for your help!!!
  6. I have never worked with any PLCs before and now am stuck trying to figure out how to use the Micrologix 1100 for work. What I need to do (if possible) is just to take a user defined input and output it to a gas control valve. My question so far is: 1. Is it possible for a user to use the controller display to enter data? For example, I want them to be able to select the desired gas pressure from the PLC display. Can you use RSLogix 500 to make a program for this? I know there is a MUCH simpler way to control a valve, but my company wants to do it using a PLC to make it more "high-tech."
  7. Micrologix1100 & RSLogix 500 help

    OK I figured that part out...Scale w/ parameters.....now two new questions....how do I get to the configuration data file to set my data format to 0-10V? And what is the process for uploading to the PLC? I am programming offline and when I try to go online to upload, it says something like it can't find my file and I hit create new file and it creates a blank file.
  8. Micrologix1100 & RSLogix 500 help

    OK I think i get what you are saying, but how do I scale the inputs in RSLogix? It's probably a very basic thing, but I'm not sure how to do it. Do I just multiply the input by 327.67 (the user will input 0-100)? Also, how do I address the particular output channel I am connected to? I'm on a very basic level with RSLogix, so any detailed instructions you could give would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Micrologix1100 & RSLogix 500 help

    I am communicating with the computer successfully now.....but now getting RSLogix 500 to do what I need it to do is a little foggy. I have the LCD stuff all set I think....but how do I get the information that the user inputs to output 0-10 volts on the I/O module? where do I move the user input to?
  10. Micrologix1100 & RSLogix 500 help

    I also do not have the PLC available to me as of about 5 minutes ago....it needs to be shipped with a unit to a show, so I guess I will have to work on getting the program done in RSLogix offline. That I am not sure about either. Again, what I need to do is take a user input from the LCD screen of 0-100% and output a linearly related voltage from 0-10V. I don't even know where to start. Once I get started, I should be able to get through it.
  11. Micrologix1100 & RSLogix 500 help

    Yes I did add the module into the I/O config, yes I have a real serial port and is the RSS file the RS Logix file? Might be a stupid question, but..... Right now I have the plc disconnected from my computer and it is still saying their is a fault. I powered down and reconnected power, and the fault is still there.
  12. Micrologix1100 & RSLogix 500 help

    OK an update finally....I FINALLY have RSLogix 500, but now I am having a problem getting the controller to communicate. I am using the 1747 PIC to interface to my computer...I keep getting a fault with error code 0189h...I looked up the code and it's an expansion I/O module error. I am using the 1762-IF2OF2 module. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  13. Micrologix1100 & RSLogix 500 help

    Actually, it's not even a functional program.....It really was a training CD that just had demos on it...one day I'll get the actual software. I think the purchasing guy is looking into the cheapest way....
  14. Micrologix1100 & RSLogix 500 help

    I think the most likely option that my company will go for is number 3. I spoke to someone in purchasing and he said they were getting a training version. I told them it probably won't work, but they want to try before they get the full version. I will suggest getting a loaner copy. Thanks for the suggestions
  15. Micrologix1100 & RSLogix 500 help

    Well, as far as I know, I won't be doing a lot of PLC projects. I think they come along here and there. Yes this is a training unit for a college. I think my boss is looking into getting a one-time use version. I'm not really sure....
  16. Micrologix1100 & RSLogix 500 help

    Yes there is a safety valve on the flowmeter, so this is just a first step in regulation. I should actually up the max to 2 bars so there a little more flexibility, but no danger. I do not have the software yet....I have been playing around with RSLogix Starter, but there is only so much you can do without connecting to the PLC......I mean I have been able to see how it is set up, but that's about all. Do you know how much the software is?
  17. Micrologix1100 & RSLogix 500 help

    I am wondering if it is possible to limit the output of the output module. The valve that it will be controlling is also controlled by 0-10V, but at 10V, there is too much pressure. The limit for the unit is 1 bar of pressure, but at 10V, the valve allows 100psi which is equal to 6.895 bars. I could display a message not to enter over 1 bar, but I am dealing with flammable hydrogen and inexperienced students here. Is this possible?
  18. Micrologix1100 & RSLogix 500 help

    Well...I'm trying to get a copy of it...can't really do anything without it. We have two very old copies here (install with 3 1/2 inch floppy...I don't even have a floppy drive) and we have a version 2.10 from 98 floating around here somewhere, but no one can find it. I have to talk them into buying a new one...that'll be fun. We also have the Analog input/output module (IF2OF2) to output the analog voltage we need. I think that all I basically need to do is well, first learn RSLogix, but then I just need to scale the input. I think my biggest problem will be learning to use RSLogix....but I don't know yet because I don't have it You guys really are a great help....I appreciate it very much!!!
  19. Micrologix1100 & RSLogix 500 help

    Unfortunately, my company ordered the PLC before I even got my hands on any specifications....things are a bit backwards here. This is what they got, so this is what I have to work with. The unit that I am working on is an educational training device and the PLC is going to control how much gas is let through an electronically controlled valve. What I've been told to do is set it up so the user can tell the PLC what pressure they want for experimental purposes and the PLC will output the appropriate voltage to the valve. Like I said...it is WAY more complicated than it needs to be, but they want it to look sophisticated....not my choice, that's for sure.
  20. Micrologix1100 & RSLogix 500 help

    Thanks Mickey....that pdf was extremely helpful. Do you know alot about RSLogix 500? I'm brand new to it, and I don't know exactly what questions I will have yet, but I'm sure there will be plenty.
  21. Micrologix1100 & RSLogix 500 help

    Short ansewer yes. You might want to read TWControls Ml1100 reveiw ( very good) here http://www.mrplc.com/kb/index.php?page=index_v2&id=76&c=29 Also see attached : You might want to consider a small HMI .like the PV Micro300. as you would have to open your PLC panel to get to the LCD on the ML1100. Just a thought.