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  1. Hi,

    Could you please help me on the below.

    I am really struggling to up load/down load program from NT2S-SF122B-EV2 display. Powered up the display with a 5 v DC supply from external source. When i tried to down load application unsuccessful but at the same time tried firmware it worked and overwritten the program in the display. now the display is blank. kindly advise me. I am newbie at the forum and no idea how to post in forum. please bare with me


  2. How do you know the program is protected? if connecting with a hand held programmer, to get past the password question, push "clear, monitor, clear"
  3. Morning all, Anyone know if NTST4.8 will work with an OLD touch screen NTH25-ST121 Seems as if selecting NT31 may allow it to upload a program from a HMI?  
  4. NT20S with CJ2M

    Only NT20S's I have running are with C200H Alpha's. The comms in the Alpha are 38400,   1,7,1,E    NT Link 1:1 The NT20S is set to 38400. I would think the NT20S would communicate with the serial connection, maybe?? If communication is obtained, you will not have access to the "W" memory area. Hope this helps.
  5. Latest Omron CX-one software

    What model PLC's are you using?
  6. W coil not working

    The same will happen if the Plc and pc don't match, or if the Plc is in program.Hope this helps.
  7. W coil not working

    Does the program in the Plc match the program in the pc?
  8. Scaling Problem, help!

    One of our moderators, PMCR, helped me with this. Hope it helps Float scaling.cxp
  9. New moderator

    Good luck with keeping all the crazy Omron guys in line!
  10. Max CF size for CJ1M

    I have used 2gb. Though I just picked up some 64mb on E-Bay.
  11. NT631C HMI secret buttons

    I assume you have tryed to find a copy of the applicattion.... The NT631C is very robust, I have had several running for a long time. A blank screen can happen if both back light bulbs have burned out. If the unit was set up to always be back lite...... Connect your com cable to the "other" port that is free, (the PLC ic connected to one of the comm ports) Work through the software until you have selected upload the application, and you are at the "OK" button, don't hit it yet... As posted by Jay in the maual above, the "secret" method of getting the unit into Maint mode is to hit any 2 non programed corners at the same time. Once in maint mode it will look like this (if you could see it): The center of the Transmit Mode button is 4-3/8" down from the very outside edge of the NT631C Push in this area The screen will now look like this: The center of the Tool transmit button is 4-1/4" down. Push in this area. Now push the OK button on you PC, the application should upload. When the upload is done, the screen will look like this: Push the "Quit" button in the upper right hand corner, the screen will resume communication with the PLC. Hope this helps.
  12. LSS software help

    Syswin would be friendlier software to use. A web search should find a place to down load. LSS is very old. Try this Tech note provided by Jay:
  13. NT2S-SF122B-EV1

    I agree with MPM, unit will run all day connected to the peripheral port. The units weakness is the NT2ST software, it's buggy. The front and back of the case comes unglued if tightened slightly too tight.
  14. LK201

    Make sure you get the entire part number for C200H rack mount LK201 or CPU mount LK201. Once you select the type, try finding one on E-Bay:
  15. Toolbus to Host Link

    Which PLC