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  1. MicroLogix 1762-L40AWA Fault

    Mickey, I no longer get an error, but I do still get the warning. I thought that since there was no error that the program should load and run; however, it still faults the processor. Any other ideas on how to resolve this issue??? My colleague is under the gun and must get this application running right away. Thanks for all input.
  2. Outputs?

    Of course this is legitamate in all RSLogix programs. You may have something else overwriting the outputs that don't appear to be working. No way to tell unless you post your code for us to look at.
  3. MicroLogix 1762-L40AWA Fault

    TW, I am actually assisting a friend with the said issue. . . he is my hands and feet on this. He is not at a place where he can get online at the moment; HOWEVER, it appears to be an OFFLINE program issue, not just an ONLINE issue. That said, please simply attempt to "VERIFY PROJECT" on the recently attached program, to determine the error. Once the OFFLINE error is resolved, I am hopeful that the program will load and run. One thing that I believe must be changed is the Base Select type: it is currently set to Any Discrete base, rather than any AWA base. Please assist. Thanks!
  4. MicroLogix 1762-L40AWA Fault

    Eddie and TW, The attachment is a response from Rockwell Support regarding setting up the OX6I module with an older version of RSLogix500. I believe that I followed all the steps correctly, per the screen shots on my original posting. The program is also attached. Thanks for your input. RS_CaseNumber6334866.doc EAST_LANDFILL.RSS
  5. MicroLogix 1762-L40AWA Fault

    Negative on the memory. . . the program is very small/tiny. As seen in the original Word document attached, only 358 instructions words are used, leaving 5338 words left. Notice that the expansion modules are special 1762-OX6I isolated relay output modules, which do not show up as available i/o modules to choose from. Therefore, I chose OTHER and set it up based on pg 11 of the 1762-in017_-en-p installation manual. Note that when I select the Read I/O Config button, it sets it up the same way; however, I receive a fault when transferring to Run mode. Any more ideas??
  6. MicroLogix 1762-L40AWA Fault

    b_, Please find the attached error. I hop that this attachment, along with the previous attachment is enough to get you started. Thanks! elf_ab_error.bmp
  7. MicroLogix 1762-L40AWA Fault

    MicroLogix 1762-L40AWA Fault when adding 1762-OX6I module Whenever I load the program, and transfer to RUN, I get a processor fault. When I remove the OX6I expansion cards from the configuration it loads fine. RSLogix500 version: 6.00.00 Processor: 1762-L40AWA Special I/O: 1762-OX6I-- Isolated Relay Output Module—Seen as “OTHER” in I/O configuration Please review the screen shots. Any help would be appreciated. CH_LandFillErors.doc
  8. RSLogix 5000 printout PLEASE

    [susan, please find the attached PDF file. :) MarkF13V08.pdf
  9. Thanks guys, I have downloaded the file and see if I can replicate it and get it to work. This looks super!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Wow, Thanks paul! You said a mouthful. My first, or current attempt follows closely with your original proposal, except I used an "ADD + 1" instruction instead of a counter. I'm, also using a 100ms timer to trigger my counts, or summations. My biggest setback, or concern, is when to clear the register to get ready for the subsequent averages on the 1sec, 1min, and 15min totals for which to derive my averages. I will not be able to test the logic until one or two days before the scheduled FAT test; therefore, I was hoping to be certain as to the logic results.
  11. With regard to file format, I was speaking of the data file. Since N7s, B3s, and F8s aren't standard data files in ControlLogix, how do I make reference to the tags? When communicating with SLC500 or PLC5, I reference N7:0 or N7:0.3 for example. My project is almost complete but I am not able to connect, download, and test until two days before customer FAT test, so I was wanting some clarification. Currently the "tag name" and "tag address" are the same in PanelBuilder32, such as F_EU_FT1, which was imported from the ControlLogix database. Some of the Data types did not import. It looks like the TYPE=TAG imported the data types but the TYPE=ALIAS did not import a data type.
  12. Communication between ControlLogix PLC and PanelView 2711-t6c16 pv600 terminal using PanelBuilder32 software. What file format must be used? I have many aliases. How would the tag name and tag address differ. Would I use the alias in the tag address? Please assist.
  13. Can you offer any examples? I'm guessing to have a 60 point array being filled every second and dividing the sum of all 60 values by 60 for the one minute array. Then I suppose to take the one minute calculated averages into a 15 point array and dividing the sum of all 15 values by 15. Example code or picture would be very helpful, as I have never used the arrays.
  14. Is there a simple way to perform ControlLogix 1second, 1 minute, and 15minute average calcs, and then reset the average to prepare for the next time period averages? I am reading some analog inputs and a modbus input, and need them to be averaged at the aforementioned intervals, so that drift calculations can be performed. Please assist.