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  1. NJ State Machine

    You can reference the variable directly from the HMI.  See below: Enumeration setup: Variable in NJ: Mapping in NA: Setup of data display: Simulation:
  2. CJ1W-EIP21 To CJ2M-CPU33 Setup

    It sets up exactly the same way.  Just have both devices in your Network Config, like this: Just repeat the process for the built in CJ2M EIP port that you used to set up the CJ1W-EIP21 in Network Confgurator for EtherNet/IP.
  3. 2 x CJ2M-CPU31 and Ethernet IP

    Changing the DM numbers does not work.  The IP address does not change at the point that you change the DMs and when the ETN21 is restarted, it puts the original numbers back in the DM area.  I would think that you would have use a FiNS command to do this. The error would not be a big deal for the PLC as it is a non-fatal error, but would cause issues with FINS communications on your network.   The EIP masters can both have tag data link communications established with inputs only.  Outputs can only be assigned to one master.   You could perhaps do something with explicit messaging for the outputs.  
  4. Sysmac studio

    After you write to the csv card, you can FTP to get the file.
  5. CJ1W-EIP21 to ControlLogix

    You have to use Network Configurator for EtherNet/IP.  It is included with CX-One. You can connect to the controller and then to the EIP21 module to upload the datalink settings.  Section 1.4 in the guide above describes using the Network Configurator for EtherNet/IP. After step 1-4-2 in the process you can connect to the network and upload from the network to see what connections are already configured.  Then you can skip adding the CJ2 PLC and just use what you have uploaded to follow the rest of the procedure.  
  6. CX Networking

    If you mean that you need to know if there are any EtherNet/IP nodes exchanging data with the EtherNet/IP master, you can use Network Configurator for EtherNet/IP.  You can find it in the CX-One folder in the start menu.  Once open, you can connect to the network and upload any connections that are made.  
  7. A little trick for seeing the Target variable.  Place your cursor in one of the Target Variable fields and hit CTRL+Space and it will show you the options.  Note that the originator variables will need to be the same size as the target variable assemblies.  You will need to declare them as Input or Output variables (under network publish column) in your global variable table and then register them on the Tag Set tab (Registration all after creating variables in Global Variables).  
  8. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    Where I saw the extra space was in the equation for the Global Event that he had.  I think it just triggered him to just remove all references to the _HMI_CurrrentPageIndex and start over.  
  9. Networking IAI Controller to CJ2M

    How are they communicating?  Ethernet/IP Datalink (implicit communications)?  
  10. Omron Peripheral Port CJ1M-22 PLC for OPC Data

    It sounds like his hardware is good as he says he can upload / download through the port using CXP.  If Kepware's Toolbus driver works, then it should be a matter of configuring Kepware to get the data that you need.  Maybe someone in here is fluent with Kepware.
  11. Comments getting Lost in "Transfer From" during sync

    This was resolved.  @Nate Hammersmith posted in the other thread: https://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/39155-comments-are-lost-in-transfer-from-during-sync/
  12. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    Good point.  It seems like that should work.
  13. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    @mr_electrician, I don't have 2 NA screens to test with.  Everything that I have tried seems to work in simulation (1 screen at a time).  Can you share your code?
  14. From DM:   Hi; my name is Metin , I live in turkey. unfortunately I have a problem that I could not reach a conclusion here. I hope you can help. I need to communicate with CJ1W-ETN21 with a device via modbus tcp and read information. I downloaded ready-made protocols on omron site, connection is established but I cannot read. I tried the attached protocols. the device I am trying to communicate with :  https://www.gmweighing.com/products/weighing-indicator-m02  I will get the weight information from the weighing device. Thank you in advance for your help. MTCP_ETN_Client.zip
  15. From DM: Modbus Communications to External Device CJ1W-ETN21

    Can you attach the code that you have attempted?  
  16. TIML Timer

    Can you show us how you are doing it?  If you are using a variable for the setpoint, make sure to show the monitored value of that variable.  
  17. Clear variables when program stopped?

    Confirmed:  I just tested this with the hardware and both global and local variables DO retain their values when the program is stopped and also after it is restarted.  
  18. CXP Failed To Create The PLC Memory

    I do not.  Sorry.
  19. CXP Failed To Create The PLC Memory

    The message says you need to reinstall CX-Programmer (CX-One).
  20. Could not open file

    It is in a font (maybe Chinese?) that you don't have on your PC.  You need to find out what the font is, get the font, then you may have a chance of translating it online.
  21. Could not open file

    Yes, that is very likely.
  22. Could not open file

    I was able to open the three files just fine.  
  23. You were very close!  Thanks for posting that it worked.
  24. MOV #B400 D7702 You are trying to communicate with the CPU, so the least significant byte of C+2 (D7702) needs to be 00.  
  25. Bit access in Words in CX-Programmer using structured text

    It won't let you use a variable for the index of the bits when it is a structure.  This is ok: In.CheckLWord[4] This is not: In.CheckLword[j] Not sure why, but that is how it is.  CXP will only let you use variable indexes for arrays and apparently it does not recognize an array of an array. The unexpected syntax will go away after this issue is resolved.   Sorry.