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  1. modified traffic lights

    This program is a little modified version of the earlier traffic code. This program also has the comments added which was missing in the earlier version.



  2. Medoc sequence generator

    This software allows the user to select a particular program by activating a 24 VDC Ip In a Mitsubishi FX1s-30MR-Es/UL Plc .Now the user can choose different sequences in that particular program by using a momentary Pulse to a different Ip address to the PLC.This ip activates some Digital Outputs and deactivates some all this logic is in a continuos Loop and in a sequence as selected by the program.If in doubt or for any suggestions please get back to me !!!



  3. Dip paint

    This is a simple program to paint an object while the object is transferred from Station A to station C. The painting occurs in station B where the object to be painted is stopped and dipped in paint and the moves further to C. From C the transport system comes back to A without stopping on its return path at B.
    If you have any doubts or suggestions please feel free to contact me .



  4. drill machine

    This is a simple program where the drill arm moves down for the drill and the Drill motor starts as well. The drill arm stops after reaching the bottom level but the drill motor continues for a few seconds to ensure a good drill and then stops. Now the Drill arm moves up again and then reaches the top position and starts the cycle again.It is aslo ensured that the Drill arm is always at the top before the operation starts or if the drill operation is stopped in midway.
    If you have any doubts or suggestions please feel free to comment.