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  1. Keyence 24VDC Sensor Test Box?

    I have the banner and the turck one, both were given to me by salesmen. Me or one of my controls techs uses them many times a day. They verify all sensors to check for placement before I debug my programs. I had to purchase a turck micro to pico connector as almost all sensors I use have this connector now.
  2. Inview Ethernet/ip To Slc 5/05

    Just an update for everyone. I finally got the Inview communicating. This is how it happened: I tried to communicate with an Ethernet panelview classic and also couldn't establish a connection even though the panelview plus's worked fine. I discovered that it worked fine with a series B 5/05 processor, so this led me to look at the new features of the SLC 5/05 processor. I found out from this site that I needed to have the SNMP Server Enable box checked. So I checked the box and reset power to the SLC. At first this did not help and I remember trying it before without success. I then had to power down for about 30 mins so the techs could make some wiring changes and when they powered everything back up communication with the Inview worked perfect. Whats confusing is that even though the boxes or configuration are being shown in RSLogix that doesn't necessary mean what config is actually being used. Notes: With series C SLC 5/05 processors: 1.) In channel configuration: SNMP Server Enable box checked 2.) Power down for at least 30 seconds so any configuration will take effect.
  3. 1sec Clock Pulse

    I would use: XIO T4:0/DN TON T4:0 200 0 GEQ T4:0.ACC 100 OSR CTU C5:0 32000 0 Change the compare statement to give you whatever frequency you want.
  4. MicroLogix

    If you need 115 vac ouputs, just add some solid state relays to your 24vdc outputs. They are very inexpension and you dont have to worry about sticking contacts from high inductance loads like coils. Most are about $15 each and can handle up to 3A. I have designed a simple motion controller from a Micrologix 1000 with a single ended encoder using the high speed counter input. It worked like a charm with an inverter. Even had position feedhold control.
  5. Inview Ethernet/ip To Slc 5/05

    The SLC is the new series C 5/05. Using RSLinx to download messages to the display that is connected to my computer via ethernet. Sent the ethernet/IP module back today. Waiting on a new one to see what happens.
  6. Inview Ethernet/ip To Slc 5/05

    Some more information for you: The panelview plus's have never showed up in RSLinx Classic, but show up just fine in RSLinx Enterprise. The Inview Comm module (a panelview 550 ethernet board I'm pretty sure) shows up in RSLinx classic but not RSLinx Enterprise. The processor shows up in RSLinx classic and RSLinx Enterprise. This has probably something to do with Ethernet vs. Ethernet/IP. So has anyone have ever had a panelveiw plus and a panelview on an ethernet network connected to a SLC 5/05 processor? Trying to nail this down as the project has only a month left to go.
  7. Any Use A Pro-face Gp2500t

    Just finished a job with 6 2400 series Proface on ethernet. They were sooo much better than the panelview plus 600's I'm programming now. They were a very capable HMI, but be forwarned the manual is terrible translation from the Japanese. I just commented to a customer today that I wish I would have went with the proface 2400's on this design. I liked the software and loved the window funtion and the fault handling. They also support VB scripts. They have a nice beeping sound when you pressed a button and could handle mulitple button pushes at the same time.
  8. I to have been burnt by selecting a product for device net that was not ODVA approved. BTW ODVA.org has a ton of info on Ethernet/IP including Ethernet EDS files. I personally like the 1734-AENT for remote Ethernet I/O and have good success with it. If controllogix is a little pricey for you the compact logix ethernet processor is true ethernet/ip compliant.
  9. Plc Upgrade

    I have done this exact thing on at least four different occasions. But watch out some of the older series racks will not support the ASB. They have a weird power plug on them and the top of the slot has a flip down flap for each card position. I normally put the PLC 5 in a 4 slot rack and when you use the ASB you may have to remove the power supply on the rack, if thats the case you'll have to buy a slot power supply. Its been about 6 years ago since my last upgrade to a PLC 5 because of the high cost of the processor and the low cost of SLC and compact logix hardware.
  10. OK experts I've got an Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 series C. I've got 6 panelview plus hooked to a switch that is hooked up to the processor. Everything is working fine. I then hooked up an Inview message display today and configured the Ethernet/IP module hooked to the display(BTW the module looks like a screenless panelview 550 ethernet). The SLC and the Inview both show up in RSLinx and I can dl to the display through RSLinx, but the display just can't communicate with the SLC. I was on the phone with AB tech support today for 2 hours reviewing my setings and everything looks good to them. I'm going to exchange the module I guess, but I don't understand how it can communicate with the PC through ethernet, but not the processor. The other panelview plus's work just fine. I'm tempted to use the Devicenet module on the Inview, but that will mean adding a third 1747-SDN DeviceNet card to the rack.