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  1. cj1w-etn21

    That was exactly the problem! So my next question, will there be any problems with having a different sub then the customers? ~Andrew
  2. cj1w-etn21

    Thanks for the idea, i will try that and let you know. Thanks, Andrew
  3. cj1w-etn21

    I do not have this plc in front of me at the moment, i took a break from the customers site. I will be there later this week. But one thing i remember is that i set this up in our office network wich has the usual inner office ip of 192.x.x.x, And when i did it there i did not get this light to blink. i did not even have to set up a routing table! I am wondering if it is something with this ip that i have to use? But i did not think of this till now so i did not think of even trying it to see if that was the problem. Also when i fist put the unit in the plc there were no error lights, even when i plugged it in and put power to it with all the default settings, no error light. So i keep thinking that omron does not support this type of ip address can anybody try the same ip settings that i have to use and see if they get the same problem? Thanks, Andrew
  4. cj1w-etn21

    , i meant the ERH light, that last one was a typo As for the cx-programmer program, right now it is blank! i just have this card plugged into a cj1m-cpu12. with 2 inputs id211 and 2 outputs od232 I even tried changing the unit number and it still is there. This will be on a customers lan, they will not change it from I am using a internal addredd of I have attached my routing table based on what Omron said i should do. Thanks For the help. ~Andrew
  5. cj1w-etn21

    Well i set up a basic routing table, and i set the switches on front to match my ip and i still get a blinking erc light :( i can connect to it within the network no problem... just can't get rid of stupid light. in the error word it is still bit 14, but my switches match my ip address.... i even tried this nice cheater guide that i got from omron and i will share it with you guys, only if you promise to help me with the blinking erc light. ~Andrew CJ1W_ETN21_Ethernet_Module_Configuration.doc
  6. cj1w-etn21

    Hi all, ok first i have done a search on this network card found many topics along with a pdf telling me how to set it up to access my plc from the internet. So with that being said this is what i am still having a problem with. I have read on here that a memeber just put the ip and sub net in there card and then the router on site just port forwarded the 9600 to that ip. And there was another post about lost of setting they had to set in cx-programmer to connect. So lets try this for example: (fake numbers but will get the point accross) cj1w-etn21 ip:, sub:, unit # 0, node 3C router ip:, 9600 port fwd to cx programmer network type: ethernet FINS source address: 0 FINS destination, network:0, node:0 Workstation Node Number: autodetect IP address: (router) Port number: 9600 So with that being said as long as the router is set on port forwarding it should work just fine right? Or am i missing something? i know this has been disscussed, i just don't get it for some reason. sorry :( Another thing is i have something interesting happening to my eth21. for example if i set the ip to and i se the node to 3c and i get the erh light blinking and in the error flag it is bit 14. even if i change the ip to x.x.x.01 and set the node to 01 i still get the same erh blinking and same bit 14 on in the error word. Any help would be great! Thanks, Andrew
  7. Omron timer function

    The TIML is a timer that counts down, Set value is the amount you want the timer to starting counting (5 or 10 seconds) and the pv is the current value at which the timer is at when it is turned on. This is a long timer so it needs two dm area for the sv and the pv. so for this timer to work you need to allocate 4 dm's. D1, completion flag is the address to which the done bit is turned on, example i used 200 so 200.00 turns on. I have included a sample, when you turn the bit on it will count down from 5 seconds and turn bit 200.00 on. I also added the section out of the manual. ~Andrew TIML.pdf timlmanual.pdf
  8. Date compare in CS1

    well your way works too! At least we know how the dt function works now. ~Andrew
  9. 'Select case' programming in Omron

    Here is another option for you: ZCP, this will compare a number to a range. So a bit will turn on if your number is between a low limit and a upper limit. ~Andrew NewPLC1.pdf
  10. Date compare in CS1

    I had a day to look at this, it seems that you are trying to use the date compare the wrong way, i have attached a copy of the maual that might help explain thier use. The first word of the instruction is for what type of data to compare i.e. seconds, minutes..... The second is the current time: a351 and this looks at the next 3 words. The third is your data and the next three words. I have also made an example and i will try and attach that too. It shows a bit turn on if the plc's clock is after 5:00 pm. Whats tricky about this is in the control word the data you want to compare is marked by a "0" rather than a "1"..... i was confused on this in the begning, but i got it working based on just the caption in the doc i attached. so for every dt compare that you use you need to allocate 3dm areas for each one! you had 4 of them in your trial so 4 sets of 3 are needed for each one. Hope this helps! And sorry its to late! ~Andrew time.doc time_example.cxp
  11. compile check options

    Doh! man i feel dumb now.... i was looking for that but i could not find it. sorry :( ~Andrew
  12. Omron Communication Port specs

    The Peripheral port is not just used for programming, we have used a cf adapter to turned it into a rs232 port and connected a computer or modem to it for user interface. but I beleave that the peripheral port CANNOT be programmed via protocol macro. as for the difference between the port on the cpu and a added serial port they should be the same, both can be customized via protocol macro. oh and the scu41 has one rs232 and one rs422/485, the scu21 has two rs232 ports Please someone correct me if i am wrong. And i could not see you picture so i hope this helps. ~Andrew
  13. compile check options

    sorry i have not found a way to turn check options on and off, but i looked at my options and the only one i have under general and compile is: "Do not normalize rungs at compile for program verification". so i do not even have the check control data option! and btw i am using cx version 6.11 ~Andrew
  14. CX Programmer 5.0

    i thought i posted that a while ago on here!!!! i had to make a new screen name though cause i could not remember what it was or what my password was! But i still use that all the time! Also i attached a simple scale that will convert mm to inch, very handy!! ~Andrew
  15. Modem Problems

    Hello, I have not had any problems with my internal modem, but we use multitech modems model: MT2834bl and we have never had a problem with connecting to them. I hope this helps. ~Andrew