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  1. Hi FNMdeJong

    Could you kindly send the QJ71MT91.zip  to me please

  2. Dear  FNMde Jong:

           Do you have the GX IEC Modbus program that can be read from Modbus slave modules? I use the QJ71MB91 

  3. Position control software

    This module can be programmed like you allready mentionde, just by to and from instructions. In this case you will get a huge programm only for setting the parameters and maby the movement table. The execution of movements are always inside the PLC CPU. When using this software you can up and download all these parameters and table information. These information is written into Flash inside the module. So not inside the PLC. In this case the parameters are not programmed inside the PLC program. In case of trouble with this module and it needs to be replaced, you need a backup of this GX Configurator AP programm to restore this in the new module. Therefor you need this software package and a dedicated cable. Also for programming the module it's much more userfriendly to use the GX Configurator AP software.
  4. corection of position for servo motor

    Like previous already mentioned, this could happen because of any backlash in the system. Specially when changing movement directions, like this pick and place movement. Use in case of this the backlash compensation parameter inside the amplifier. Another option is to check the mechanical settings. Are these correct. Also EMC can cause this behaviour.
  5. OPC - PROFIBUS - MR-MG30 - MR-JS2-xxB

    Herby some functionblock example for Siemens S7, maby it's any helpfull. S7MRMG30.zip
  6. plc type

    You can program Shilin PLC's with GX Developer, just choose the FX PLC for it.
  7. device Conversion error

    Did you perhabs changed the program name from MAIN to something??? If so set in the PLC parameters under program the execution of the program.
  8. QD75MH1 error

    You fill the first record wirh an ABS positioning command on Axis 1. Adress is written into BFM 2006. But where is the speed setting oin BFM 2008??? Also when trying to run an absolute command, you first need to do once a OPR command. Put value K9001 inside BFM 1500. Then set Y10, and RST Y10 on busy sign. The axis shall run OPR according to the parameter settings. After OPR set BFM 1500 to 1, this means run the first record of positioning table and SET and RST Y10 again.
  9. MR-J3 Servo Analog Output

    What kind of motor do you have? What do you mean by max. speed? The torque output is in percentage and also depending on the parameter of torque limitation. See the manual of the amplifier at section 5 (MR-J3-xxA).
  10. Cr1-571 Mitsi Robot controller

    Thats correct Crossbow, but it's more user friendly (windows based). One big advantage for the RT Toolbox is the simulation with the use of parameter settings.
  11. Newbie: GX Dev FX question

    Remove the folder and install them again by the official setup.
  12. Download to PLC via Ethernet

    Have you tried the manual from GX Developer section
  13. Update FX via E series with USB flash drive

    Try to write it with GX Developer to USB. Tools -> IC Momory Card. And take a look at the directory structure in the manuals for the E1000 series. It looks something like BACKUP/PROJECTS, next use a button to load the project. I haven't tried it
  14. Download to PLC via Ethernet

    Try to ping IP, the initial setting.
  15. Servo Command Frequency Error

    Try to lower the torque level setting. Due to the fact that the motor is moving to a mechanical stopper, and the torque level will rise. This untill the level is that high like the parameters. At that moment it will finish the operation (OPR). In case the torque level setting is that high, the servo runs out of droop pulses this error CAN occure. Also monitor the zero colpletion signal when finished. Is the OPR completed??? Monitor also the latest commands from the software FX Configurator FP