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  1. Red Lion G 310 emulation

    You will first need to connect to the unit via Ethernet. That could be done by connecting the G3 and PC through a hub, switch, or router, or by connecting them directly with a cross over cable. The PC will need to be in the same subnet as the G3, in this case 192.168.0.XXX, where XXX is not 10. Then open your web browser and type the G3's IP address ( into the address bar. That should get you to the web server. Finally, click the Remote View link to view the virtual HMI. Regards, Dan
  2. Red Lion G3 Alarm Text Message

    Based on your subject, I assume you want to send it as an email. In that case, go to the communications section of Crimson 2 and click on the Mail Manager. Enable that, then click on the SMTP tab. Enable SMTP and fill out the settings for the server IP and account settings. Next click the Addresses tab and create a new contact. As far as the email address to use, you may need to contact your provider to find out what the email address for your phone is, it is typically your phone number @ something to do with your provider. If you wish to send the message to multiple people, you can separate the addresses with semicolons. Finally, go to the data tags section and setup an alarm on one of your tags. You can choose the contact you wish to mail to in the Mail To field. Regards, Dan
  3. Red Lion Displays and OPC

    You will be able to access the NUMERIC tags. You can access basically everything but Strings. Regards, Dan
  4. Redlion G3 Setting Time

    Sorry Tim, I only check the forums in the morning. Feel free to email anytime you need an answer. Regards, Dan
  5. Messaging between 3 fixed I/O SLC500

    Unfortunately, the DSP cannot access the I/O of the SLC with fixed I/O. That is at least accroding to our documentation, I have never actually had a fixed I/O unit to try. However, we can talk to the rest of the data files within the PLC. Regards, Dan
  6. Standard Panelview to ethernet

    Tim is correct, there is a DeviceNet option card that will allow the DSP to be a slave on the DeviceNet network. Regards, Dan
  7. Small HMI for Outdoor Use?

    The only 2 HMIs we offer that are 'outdoor rated' are the 3 and 10 inch models. They have a UV protective overlay so the sun does not fade the front panel. However, all of the G3 series are rated NEMA 4X. Regards, Dan
  8. Cj1M connected with s7-300

    Yes, the Data Station can read from one PLC and write to the other. It can do this in both directions. Here is a short tutorial from our web site demonstrating how it is done: http://www.redlion.net/g3features/G3%20Fea...0Converter.html Regards, Dan
  9. Red Lion Data Station Plus question

    I will post the answer from our emails, just so others can see the answer. That will depend on the PLC, while you have already discovered the PLC can handle at least 2 connections, you will need to find out how many total connections the PLC can handle. Regards, Dan
  10. Red Lions PLC and HMI

    FYI, we do not have a PLC. Our Modular Controller looks like a PLC, but it is not. It can do SOME things that PLCs do, but its original purpose was PID control. Since then we have added analog and digital I/O modules, but those are more or less just for indication. Regards, Dan
  11. Red Lion G3 to PLC-5

    paulengr, bikerdude is correct, you want the DF1 Master driver, not the PCCC one. The PCCC driver is for a ML1100, anything connected to an ENI, or a CLX that has PLC/SLC messages configured. Regards, Dan
  12. Linux for a plant based web browser

    I just had a colleague test this. The touch screen control and display update does not work well with Firefox (even for Windows). It does however work well with Konquerer. Regards, Dan
  13. Suggestions for HMI for 4 x SLC500's

    I believe he was referring to the Data Station Plus. It is one of our HMIs with the display ripped off an placed into a DIN rail mount case. Then you could use your PC, any PC with a web browser, to view and control the values in the PLCs. We have 2 support guys dedicated to the UK, another one for Europe, and you can always call/email us in the US with any questions. We are still supporting products that were developed while I was in diapers, and we generally only obsolete products when we can no longer get parts. Otherwise we try to give a good 'heads up' about a product going obsolete. Unfortunately, since you are using 504s, you will most likely need some additional hardware. Correct me if I and wrong, but the 504 only has 232 (DF1) and DH+. We do not support DH+, so without either a NET-AIC or NET-ENI, we would not be able to talk to all 4 PLCs at once. We could always talk to one of them, and it in turn could be talking to the other PLCs. Regards, Dan
  14. Redlion G315

    Sorry Dave, I copied and pasted the answer from an email I sent him. I will email you the file. Regards, Dan
  15. Redlion G315

    You cannot embed a value in an event name. I have attached a database with some functions that I have written. There are 2 programs that return the time and date as strings. There is currently no function to return the current user. As far as the Multi goes, if you do not show the label you can pick how to justify the text. When you highlight the primitive, there is a small gradient rectangle in the upper left. You can slide that to the right to center the text. To get it left justified, you could pad your shorter states with spaces (at the end) so they are as long as your longest state. Then just make the primitive as small as C2 will let you. This should give you a left justified appearance. Yes, I copied and pasted... Regards, Dan