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  1. Analog Input card Siemens U-01AD

    Thanks but this is not the same. The old U-01AD is a 4 isolated analog inputs card. And the replacement card sold be Automation Direct do not have the same pumper and dip switch for configuration. Il really need the original U-01AD documentation.
  2. TI405 analog card U-01AD

    Hi. I'm desperately looking for the specs sheet of the U-01AD (4 analog inputs) card for TI405 CPU. I need to know how to configure the jumpers and dip switchs. I will really appreciate if you can help me with this. I know I can find the documentation of the replacement card sold by Automation Direct card but the jumper and dip switch are not the same... Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi everyone ! I'm searching for the manual of the old Siemens analog card U-01AD. This is a 4 channel analog card for the TI PLC now sold as KOYO by Automation Direct. Thanks !
  4. Hi everyone ! In wonderware Intouch there is an option to delete unused tags. Is there something like that in Cimplicity ? I figure a way to export unused tags from the cross-reference tool. But now what can I do to delete some of theses tags withouts delete them (>500) manually ? Thansk !
  5. OPC Items description

    After 3 workdays spent on this problem, the solutions went from a good support guy of Software Toolbox. He give me this links: TOP Server DA Client Driver: And 10 minutes after, my problem was resolve!
  6. Which Connector

    Look for Amphenol connector. Theses are very good connectors for industrial environnement.
  7. Hi everybody ! I have an OPC server (Matrikon OPC server for system manager) giving acces to many points (> 4500 points for each of the 10 power monitors). The problem is when I browse the point with an OPC client like Makitron Explorer, I can see all point with their descriptions. But when I export theses tags to a csv file I got only the full name of the tags, like: .UFPCntWk ...wich mean Under power factor alarm count this week This is realy annoyong to search manually in the description of the tag browser. I'm looing for a way to export in excel the tagname WITH their description. Searching the tags with excel would be realy easier... I already tryed many OPC Explorer like Matrikon Explorer, Kepware Quick Client etc... Any idea ?
  8. Know Timer Present Value

    Ok thanks. I see there is no simple way to get this data other way than using the MOV instruction... I want to display the value in an InTouch application. I think I wiil have to MOV all timer value in data memory... Thanks again.
  9. Know Timer Present Value

    No. I want to knwo I can use in the ladder the current value of a timer. In all PLC I've use, every timer have a memory location containing the current value.
  10. Know Timer Present Value

    I simply want to know the present value of a timer (TIM). CPU: CS1H Software: CxProgrammer 5 Thank you very much.