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  1. Revive a Faulted PLC5

    Russell, Thanks for the quick reply.  You gave us new hope and it worked.  The challenge was getting a serial connection to the processor.  Our USB to serial (and throw in through a VM for complexity) failed to connect.  We were able to get RSLinx to connect once we switched to a docking station with a hard serial port. All good. thanks, Joe
  2. Revive a Faulted PLC5

    We just tried powering up a PLC5/80E that has sat unpowered for who knows how long.  The processor battery light and PROC light are on solid. Does anyone know any tricks for getting this processor running again? fyi, its not for production.  We are doing some migrations and wanted to use this to test some DH+ communications. thanks in advance, Joe Malter Grantek      
  3. Is it possible to limit the tags an extrnal client can read/write in a Controllogix processor? We have a situation where a DCS needs to read and write data to a L71 based system and I would like to protect all other tags from possible manipulation. The DCS vendors preference is to use Ethernet/IP (CIP). We could use a Prosoft card using Modbus and only map what they need however I don't want the extra programming or using a slot.
  4. Engraving Machine Recommendation

    Thanks for the input. Someone else recommended the GravoTech M40. All our tags are plastic. I'm looking for something that can engrave a sheet of labels like a spreadsheet that we would break a part into individual labels. Can the unit you recommend do that?
  5. We are looking for a recommendation for a label engraver for our panel shop. We've always gone out to some suppliers for this service but have a large panel project that requires thousands of labels and we know it will be cheaper and more flexible for us to make them ourselves. I saw a Roland EGX-350 recently at a trade show and it looked good. Does anyone have experience with this unit or company? I look forward to your reply. Joe Malter PSI Control Systems
  6. ASCII output - Micrologix 1100

    Thanks. You saved me a bunch of trial and error. Worked like a charm!
  7. I'm trying to setup a MicroLogix 1100 PLC to Write ASCII strings out to a display. I'm not sure how to deal with control characters. The following is the format of the string: Format: <SOH>1<STX>65;reason ID number<ETX> Example: <SOH>1<STX>65;11<ETX> The value 11 is the only variable I need to change. <SOH> = Start of Header control code 01Hex <STX> = Start of Text control code 02Hex <ETX> = End of Text control code 03Hex Any suggestions? - Joe
  8. DeviceNet E3+ Starting Unexpectedly

    Excellent point. We are using the input to the PLC. Assuming the cross talk is short duration we can add a timer in the PLC to make sure the start push button is held in for say one second. Anything shorter will be treated as noise. The operators may need to hold the switch a bit longer but the motor is right there so they can hold it until the pump starts.
  9. DeviceNet E3+ Starting Unexpectedly

    Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure how to size an inline resistor. We can try measuring the current but I'm not sure a standard Fluke meter will catch the signal.
  10. We experiencing some unexpected starting of motors that are controlled by E3+ overload relays. We are using one of the inputs of the relay for a start signal from a hand switch in the field and I suspect there is an induced signal on the control wires when another motor starts. The 120 VAC control wiring is in the same cable tray as the 480 VAC motor leads and some of the runs are a couple of hundred feet long. I don't know how close the cables are in the tray. The E3+ as an EIMD interface to convert from 120VA to 24VDC. We tried installing a 33k ohm resistor from the input to common but this did not help. Our next option is to install a interposing relay. The buckets are crowded and it will take some time and skill to install. There are about 20 starters with this configuration although not all have experienced this problem. We couldn't measure the voltage as the signal is probably too fast. The problem is intermittent. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions? Rockwell was not very helpful.
  11. Contrologix Remote I/O Status

    Thanks, that should do the trick.
  12. We are using Controllogix with Enternet/IP communications to remote I/O using ENBT modules. We want to keep the CPU running even if one of the remote chassis fail or we take the panel out of service. I figured out how to override the processor and allow it to run witht the rack off but I don't know how to find out if the rack is failed(off) through programming. we wnat to display and alarm on our HMI. Any ideas?
  13. This is news to me. Do you have any more information on the problem? I have a number of WW systems with that configuration on a job site in China with WW newbies starting them up. They have not reported any problem. We staged the system for several weeks but did not have any continuous operation of the application.
  14. Logix5000 Analog scaling and alarming

    I've have link thousands if not tens of thousands of points between WW and AB plc's without seeing this type of problem. I'm pretty confident Wonderware is not the issue. (although I think there is a way to tag browse with DASABTCP server. I've haven't had a lot of luck or much time to look into it.) The problem appears to go away if I enable the 4 AI JSR's in the sample code. I think my original assumption is correct. With so little logic the processor is spending a lot of time in the Alarm scaling and alarming subroutine.
  15. Logix5000 Analog scaling and alarming

    I used your basic concept and made some adjustments to meet our requirements. I am experiencing one problem with our HMI interface where I sometimes have a hard time writing a value to the PLC. My guess is the subroutine resets the controller tag with the data returned from the subroutine. The values "take" when the program is not in the subroutine for that item. The HMI is Wonderware Intouch and we are reading the controller tags such as PI-101. We make the alarm alarm limits available to the operator (password protected). I sometimes have to enter it 3-4 times before it takes. Any suggestions? AI_ScaleAlarm.ACD