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  1. slc 5/03 to pv600 passthru

    Well, this is the only one of these in the plant. referring to the old topic, Yes, I finally got the pv program by using a flash card, The dh485 pv has been replaced with a dh+ and the processor is now a 5/04 also on dh+ so the old topic is done, but this passthru is a matter of persistance now. I know it can be done. I want to know how. I have set all the status bits but no luck. I have a kb article but no luck. I do have a pcmk card and all the cables, but it took me HOURS just to get the pcmk card to talk to the pv dh485 Have not been able to get the passthru, tho. The 5/03 was no problem at all, both pcmk card and df1 work great on it. and I can get on the pv dh485 with it now that I know how to set it up. The 5/03 and dh485 pv are on my office desk, the pv and slc are communicating. I am not going to be happy until I get the passthru working, prefer using df-1 on laptop for this one because the pcmk connector is getting bad and I don't want to be the one holding it when if finally breaks. (office politics) The 5/03 ports are set up at factory defaults. The processor node is 1, the pv node is 3. What do I need to set the passthru nodes to? Any other status bits to set (or clear)? I'm using RSlogix500 v7, RSLinx classic 2.5 and whatever the latest panelbuilder is.
  2. slc 5/03 to pv600 passthru

    I have a 5/03, 1747 -L531, os series b, os frn 14 series d proc frn 4. I have a pv600 connected to it via the rj45 jack DH485. I need to get linx to see the pv through the slc. The proc is node 1 and the pv is node 3. How do I configure the IO channels in the processor to passthrough from the db-9 (df-1) port to the dh485 port so rslinx will see it? Thx.
  3. pv600 dh485 to panelbuilder

    What is required to pull the program out of a 2711-b6c2 panelview into panelbuilder32? Direct connection to the laptop, or it is connected to a slc5/03. Can I get the processor to pass through? Thanks.
  4. rs500 online graphic

    I have been told that I can change the online graphic (that little rotating ladder image) to other graphics. Anyone know how to do that? It would be cool to have a little gut beating a plc with a hammer....
  5. nt31c bitmaps

    Can the NT31C accept bitmaps for gauges and graphs?
  6. Hi All, I have a 5/03 that has the rj45 plug connected to the dh485 port communicating with a pv600. I need to put a 5/04 processor in. Can anyone tell me the adapter to use for the 9 pin d connector when I set it up for a DH485? Even better would be the pinout for that adapter. Thanks much! TotD
  7. Vfd Basics

    PLCs I'm kindof new at, but I know Omron drives. Which ones are you wanting? I have manuals from p5/g5, MV, EV, RV. What in particular are you needing? I'll also try to help understand them. I've installed hundreds of them over the years.
  8. Cj1 Mem Card

    What memory cards can be used on a cj1m cpu11? How hard is it to store temp data in one of these cards, say one temp sample every minute per channel? Is it stored in ascii, hex, bcd? Where can I get one? Can it be read in Excel? Its a bunch of questions, but asking them here is faster than 1-800-55-omron. (nothing on Omron, I am using their controller, but cell phone time is at a premium) Heck, I might get good at this controller if I ask enough questions... TIA Tim
  9. Nt Cable

    What cable is used to connect my NT to cj1m? Does it plug into the micro din port or the regular 9 din port? While I'm at it I might as well ask, is a pinout available? Thanks Tim
  10. Cj1 With Nt31c Temp Monitor

    Sorry, NTST is v4.6. cx is 4.3.
  11. Cj1 With Nt31c Temp Monitor

    I have CX4.0 and NTST 3.x. I can't remember exactly which on the NTST, but definitely 4.0 on CX. Also, the rotary switch is 0. Currently, it is 100% factory setup. I have not changed any switch settings yet.
  12. Cj1 With Nt31c Temp Monitor

    The reason for the TC001 card is because I am getting my temp reading from a K thermocouple. There is no temp control, because it is monitoring the cylinder head temperature of an internal combustion engine running at a constant speed. There are 4 cylinders, hence 4 thermocouples and 4 channels on the tc001 card. The CJ1 will be programmed with setpoints so if the temp gets too high it will alarm and shut the motor down before it gets damaged by overheat. That is also why I don't need the PID or output functions on the TC card. I would like to use the outputs to light lamps or sound a sonalert or something. I have never used a tc card, only discrete inputs and outputs. This card has me totally lost. The NT31C isn't doing me any favors, either. No experience with it at all. So I ask your help. Thanks, tim
  13. Cj1 With Nt31c Temp Monitor

    yes. Thank you very much.
  14. Cj1 With Nt31c Temp Monitor

    OK, I read the user manual, but I didn't get a lot out of it. I don't want to control the temp, just monitor it. I want to turn the PID off, and use the outputs for other reasons. Can I do that? Where is the PV put for each channel if it is set up for 4 loops? How do I communicate the PV to the NT31C? TIA Tim
  15. Cj1 With Nt31c Temp Monitor

    I have a CJ1 with a TC001 card and I need to monitor the temp on a NT31C panel. Any quick and easy way to do that? Thanks in advance. Tim