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  1. Panelview and SNMP Protocol

    Thanks for the link, but that pertains to a PLC, and I know how to turn off SNMP in the PLC, it's just a check-box uncheck and reboot. What I'm looking for is how to disable in a Panelview.
  2. I have a Panelview model 2711-T5A20L1 that the IT Dept. tells me has SNMP Protocol active. They want it turned off. Is it possible, does the device need this protocol? If it's possible to turn it off, how? I have search the knowledge base on AB.com and found nothing. I have done a search of PDF manual for "SNMP" and turned no results.
  3. ScadaPack 314 Counter Inputs

    I have a project using ScadaPack 314 and I am coming up 2 discrete inputs short. Question is can the counter inputs be utilized as discrete inputs?
  4. I have a flow meter that produces 0-150 pulses per minute that equals 0-1200 GPM. I don't need to display flow rate, but I do need flow totals. Can anyone help me with this code for Micrologix 1100 Ser. A. Thanks in advance for your input.
  5. RSView32 Alarm Log Problem

    I have an application just started-up using RSView32 Ver.7.30 and after making some minor edits to the Tag Database the Alarm Summary and Alarm Log are blank and are not logging data. I have restarted the program, and the machine without any change. I have searched the AB Knowledge base and have not found any help. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any help would be appreciated. RDRead