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  1. Hi. I have a big problem to communicate with TSX Nano. I'm using PL7-07 software under DOS, and i have a cable from this site: When I try to connect to the PLC the PL7-07 send me an error messeges: Error 2012 and Error 3016 or something like that. Should I blame the cable or what? Please help me. Thank You. I've forgot to write: my PC is Dell Latitude CPx650, and I'm using COM1 port (RS232)
  2. Fal Errors In Omron C20hb

    Thank You very much. I think the problem is solved. Once again thanks...
  3. Fal Errors In Omron C20hb

    Hi everyone. I have a problem with one of my PLC's model C20HB. After I have connected with the PLC status monitor have displayed FAL error number 9E. I have searched almost everywhere for answer what does it mean 9E and I didn't found anything. Please help me Thank you thedoctor