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  1. Enabling the scanner run bit

    Ken, Thanks for that after some frustrating times I got it to sort of work. When RSnetworx was browsing the network it found the scanner then the E3 anf finally the DSA, The network light on the DSA went solid green then I got an error in Rsnetworx. DNET:0008 The device at address 04 is not registered on this computer. Then the DSA had a green flashing network led. Now I had this problem when I first started, I'll explain it to you. When I first started my project I had demo ver of RSLgx 5000 V15(Downloaded From AB), demo RSnetworx for DeviceNet v3.21 (Downloaded From AB), rslinx I thnk 2.31 (Downloaded From AB). I could practice ladder logic and look at the parameters and set up a devicenet network - all good. The company I am doing my university project for stuffed up ordering the software, they finally ordered it but it will take a few weeks. I spoke to the guys at excell control and they where great they lent me RSlog 5000 v13 and rslinx 2.5. I wiped all the demo software of my NB. installed the proper software and the demo rsnetworx, all installed fine. Opened deviceNet and tried to build network, I added the scanner and it came up with ? Unrecongised device. After 20hrs I figured out that it must have been an EDS problem, I installed RSLinx 2.31 on my PC then copied the EDS folder and put it into the EDS folder on my laptop and problem was fixed. Thanks for your comment on your first reply, even though I have had a few problems I love working on AB PLC's, used to microcontrollers/VHDL, its a good change. All these problems I am nutting out will only help. You only become a guru once you have encountered a lot of problems.
  2. Enabling the scanner run bit

    1. I have got the trunk terminated with 120 ohm 1/4w resistors. 2. I have swapped cables from the E3 to the DSA to make sure it wasn't the cable. I have tried to just connect the dsa and scanner with no luck.
  3. Enabling the scanner run bit

    I got the scanner to run (Thanks). No I cant see the DSA in RsNetworks or RSlinx. I got the scanner and e3 up and running fine and then when I connected the DSA it dropped the network, the E3 had red flashing leds on network and trip. Is there a fault with DSA.
  4. Enabling the scanner run bit

    I have attached a file of my devicenet cabling connections. I can get three different scenarios on the DSA. When I trun power on and both are connected 1. Both DSA and E3 flash green. or I have the E3 connected and all is running fine, I then add the DSA and it make the E3 flash red on Network and Trip led. when I try and connect just the DSA I get nothing. It is confusing Cabling.doc
  5. Hi, I am having a few problems with deviceNet (never used it before). Now a little bit on what I am doing and what equip I am using. Im am building a motor overload training aid for electrical apprentices, it for my final year project for my electronic engineering degree. I am using : 1769-L32E controller 1769 6 i/p 4 o/p digital I/O 1769 4 i/p 2 o/p Analogue I/O 1769-sdn E3 (5-25A) DSA 4/2 (100-DNY42R) Software: RSlgx5000 v13 RSlinx 2.5 RSNetworx for devicenet 3.21 Qn1 I have got the scanner (address 03) and E3 (address 05) working and they can be seen and manipulated via devicenet software, I went to try and enable bit 0 of the module command array to make scanner work but could not find where to do it. All stuff I have read just tells me about the array but not actually how to access it and enable/disanble bits inside it. Qn2. I was able to bummble my way through connecting the E3 and scanner fairly successfully, though upon trying to connect the DSA is where I have hit a problem. For the life of me I cant get it to work. I have set the node address = 04 on the adjustable switches on the outside. I thought it was how I have connected the cable (I have just daisy chained from scanner to E3 to DSA). If someone can help me out that would be great. P.S The inforamation I have got of this site is unreal, one of the best sites I have ever seen for technical inforamtion and help.
  6. PLC Wiring Colors

    Thanks everyone for the replys. greatly appreciated. I now have all the information I need.
  7. PLC Wiring Colors

    I am using 24V DC for control. 41.5V AC though I have color codes for this. Thanks gentleman
  8. PLC Wiring Colors

    Hi Sleepy Wombat, What wiring color convention is used for inputs (push buttons/switches) and outputs (Indicator lights and relays). Thanks
  9. PLC Wiring Colors

    Hi guys I'm a fourth year electronics engineering student who is doing a thesis project with PLC's. I am using Compact logix 1769-L32E PLC. I am flying blind as I am away from my University plus no-one there has dealt with PLC's before. The question I have is there a color code for wiring PLC's. That is colors for i/p and o/p wiring etc. I know some of the color designations, 24VDC control wires should be blue, and DC COM wires should be white/Blue