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  1. VB OPC

    I Finnally finished it, hope it helps Let me know if you find any problems.
  2. File Name: RSLinxReadWriteDemo File Submitter: Stupidav File Submitted: 19 Oct 2007 File Category: HMI Sample Code With some help I put together a "Complete" Visual Basic Project to use as reference for creating other Visual Basic RSLinx interfaces. This was created with Visual Studio 2005 SP1 and is the full project. There are examples of SyncRead SyncWrite and AsyncRead. I tried to document as much as possible both for future reference and to make it easier to under stand. I can't garauntee that my descriptions are the best they are just my understanding of how things work. If there are problems I will see what I can do to fix them. Hope this Helps! <img src=style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/dancered.gif style=vertical-align:middle emoid= border=0 alt=dancered.gif /> Click here to download this file
  3. RSLinxReadWriteDemo



    With some help I put together a "Complete" Visual Basic Project to use as reference for creating other Visual Basic RSLinx interfaces. This was created with Visual Studio 2005 SP1 and is the full project. There are examples of SyncRead SyncWrite and AsyncRead. I tried to document as much as possible both for future reference and to make it easier to under stand. I can't garauntee that my descriptions are the best they are just my understanding of how things work. If there are problems I will see what I can do to fix them. Hope this Helps! /dancered.gif style=vertical-align:middle emoid= border=0 alt=dancered.gif />
  4. VB OPC

    Thank you very much, I don't have it functioning quite yet, but I believe it is getting really close. I believe that the problem that I am having with yours / RSTrainer's, might be related to the version difference. I am running VS 2005 SP1, and RSLix 2.5. I only say that because 2005 the "Let and Set" are not supported any more, along with Variant. I have the Write working with your method and some modifcations, I am just stuck on getting the Read working in this method Where I am at with this is "ServerHandles(x) = OPCGroup1.OPCItems(x).ServerHandle" is returing "Value does not fall with in the expected range" I will post the working project as soon it is complete.
  5. VB OPC

    I haven't been able to get trn_psycho's (thank you, trn_psycho) working properly, but I am pretty sure I know what the problem was. I was able to find another thread that had another example( ). I was able to get that to work, although both of these only shows "Reading" of values, and I am not having a lot of luck Writing values. After looking at Jesper's link (thank you, Jesper), I found an example of a Mitsubishi, which got me close, but not close enough. If any one knows of any other examples, I would definatly appricate it.
  6. Remote I/O Addressing

    I have always setup all the Remote I/O with addressing sequentially along the physical "Blue Hose"....1,2,3,4, ect My customer needs additional racks installed, and I can't remember, the addressing will end up as 2,1,3,4... I shouldn't have a problem with this, right? I would change the program, but it is a full rack and many hours of program changes, with only 4 hours of scheduled production downtime until November. (original was on the second floor rack 1, new unit on the bottom floor , new on the third floor, and new on the fourth floor)
  7. scl5/04 onto Ethernet/IP?
  8. β Series Drives

    Does any one know where to find the Service Manual / User Manual for the Beta Series Drives, or even the G number of the manual. I several "A06B-6093-H152" Drives. In particular one is flashing H and then a 4, and I am not sure what this means. Machine Crashed and I can't get it back up because of the Drive, and so far GE Support has not returned my calls. I had found the manual online years ago, but have had no luck lately.
  9. Micrologix 1000 fault

    I think I am going to see if I have any of the old ones that I have replace with the "Retentive Data Lost" issue and verify.
  10. Bangalored

    I will have to remember that one!
  11. Micrologix 1000 fault

    Well if you have communication, I can only assume that it is from a some type of operator interface. In which case look at the OI and reset any production Counters or Timers. Other wise just go online with RSLogix 500 and look at the fault and minimaly find out what it is and fix it before you clear it. If they are old units 7 - 10 years + and the fault is the Retentive Data Lost (or somthing like that). plan on replacing the unit.
  12. Ramp function in Micrologix 1200

    Here is how I have done a Trapazoidal Motion Profile in the past. You can most definatly make it simpler, but this I have kept around for reference, and allows all points of the profile to be modified. TRAPAZOID_MOTION_RAMP.pdf
  13. Eagle Signal Controls Micro 190+ PLC

    Personally I do not like to use, or see them used multiple times. That does not mean that it is not acceptable. There are situations, that assuming the rest of the program is written correctly, that you can use the same output multiple times without any problems. The problem is when the output gets called twice in a single program scan, which tells the output to change its state at the wrong time causing damage or something. One example would be: If your machine has several different "Setups" that the machine would function differntly for each setup. Generally there is a selector switch or selection on a operator interface, to determine the appropriate way the program will function. In this case chances are the program only calls the appropriate subrutine to run, so that the output is only called / looked at once by that situation per program scan. Even in the example, I will use internal bits, instead of outputs, and then call each output only once, perhaps in a seperate subrutine, that runs all the time.
  15. wire gauge

    Personally I use 18 ga for most all of my internal wiring, and 16ga for external, unless device load dictates otherwise. I have seen equipment that utilized larger gage wire, 14ga or 12ga, that many of the wires have just fallen from the terminals. In equipment that I have seen with the smaller gage wiring, I haven't noticed same problem. Whether it has been a coinsidence or not is another story. With the smaller wire sizes, the panels generally look cleaner and installation generally goes alot faster because it is easier to work with.
  16. Decypher RSLogix5000 ladder

    It is just like reading, from Left to Right. I am not sure why, but it is generally a good practice to have the outputs setup this way. You are better off to have one of the outputs in a brach below the other. Yes, if A1 is true, Q1 and B1, will also be true. If A1 goes false both Q1 and B1 will stay true, atleast until thier coresponding output is Unlatched, because they are (L) Latching outputs. If Q1 is unlatched, B1 will still be true, or the oppisite. If you are worried about one of the two outputs turning on before the other, don't. The execution is to read the inputs then, then the program one rung at a time from rung 0 to the last and then the physical Outputs are updated. Order of rungs can make a difference, because as the rungs are run they update the memory, which then affects any following rungs through the end.
  17. One common issue, is try the same except set your computer station number to something else other than 0.
  18. Panelview 1400e Question #2

    I am not aware of anyway to accomplish option 2. I never tried this with the alarm window, but in simular situations I have had the PLC read the "Screen Number to PLC" (PLC I/O Control, PLC Control), and on critical items I have put a Time delay between a change of screens and PLC functions.
  19. PID Loop Implementation

    That is what happens when the system over reacts because of the system "being slow to respond" and the PID or basic equasion responding too fast or without limitiations.
  20. Literature Library Changing

    This is what I recieved on the 24th, so I know that things are and have been changing. Great News! Rockwell Automation has been working hard to improve our on-line problem solving and proactive notification capability. In an effort to simplify our proactive email notification, we have centralized this function within our NEW Knowledgebase! From this single location you can now set your proactive notification preferences for Knowledgebase Answers, Firmware/Software Updates, Obsolescence Notices, Release Notes and much more! In addition, we have added a second level of product hierarchy so that you can more definitively identify the specific product notifications you need. Simply visit, go to MyStuff>Profile, then select your Product/Category Notification preferences to continue to receive email notifications! We hope that this new and targeted functionality brings your business needs and our product experience closer! Sincerely, Rockwell Automation
  21. PID Loop Implementation

    I have ran into this problem several times but never with a PLC5, The problem that I have ran into has been that the PLC way too fast for the "Slow Response" of the system. Most of the time it takes a bit of testing inorder to determine whether or not a PID will function properly without too much of a tempature swing. I would be very tempted to try a 5 second interval with a something like a increment of 3. I know this is not a proportional value but, the quicker the that the change is monitored the less correction will be needed. Another manner, is to use the output of the first PID to as the Process value of a second PID, which will slow the recaction / response. For the PLC5 I would just limit the Control Value to 0-4095 to prevent faulting out the processor, and enter a large Update Time.
  22. help! about VB and micrologix1200

    What do you want to do and how are you attaching to it? Are you wanting to make a VB Operator Interface or somthing like that? What Version of VB are you wanting to use VB6, VB2005, VB2005 Express? Serial, Ethernet, ect. ?
  23. DDE question

    txtN7Write = 10 'or desired value txtN7Write.LinkTopic = "RSLinx|BOARD COUNTER" txtN7Write.LinkMode = 2 txtN7Write.LinkItem = "N7:0,L1,C1" txtN7Write.LinkPoke "txtN7Write" is just an example, call you Text box what ever you would like.
  24. Control Logix Coversion

    You can also use the VB Editor from with in Excel and DIM tagname as Boolean There are several examples in the downloads section on who to use VB
  25. Logix to 1771 Rack Problems

    The error showed up in the I/O Tree rack properties window. Thanks anyways Bob, I Tried it but it still wouldn't work even after reseting the DHRIO card. Although I did get it to work, but have no logical explanation as to why or how. I ended up adding another 1/2 rack with the next address, 4 and reset the 1756-DHRIO and then the rack I wanted showed up with out any problems, and as I would expect I got the same error on the 4th non existant rack. I then went back and deleted the nonexistant rack. One stange thing I did come across after that is that the PLC5 was writing to the Analog cards in the #3 rack in BCD format, and yet no matter how I tried I couldn't get the Control Logix to do it, I had to change to Binary in order for the anolog cards to work. whether it is related or not is another story.