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  1. BTR instruction error

    Thanks guys, my problemis solved. i deleted all the BTR and BTW instructions and iserted then again in the ladder and they all work fine!!!! Thanks for the help i really appreciate it!!
  2. BTR instruction error

    When i tried to attach the code, i get the message that i am not allow to attach file of that extension, how can i post the code?
  3. BTR instruction error

    Hi everyone, Here is a little bit more discription; I am using a total of 4 analog input modules, two on rack two and the other two on rack four. these analog module are located on two different chassis (1771 - ASB series B adpter). I also have 4 analog output modules, two on rack 2 and the other two on rack 4. The analog output module on rack 2 are working perfectly. The other give me also the same error (DLEN = -3) which has the same discription as mention as in my prevoius vote. None of the 4 analog iput module is funtioning properly. The error code is again (DLEN = -3). The block tranfer code have be entered automatcally, so i think the length of the data tranfer is correct?. i have also verified that the are in range of what the document that Mickey post. attached is part of the block transfer instructions. Plse Help BTR.bmp
  4. BTR instruction error

    Dou you mean that if the next BTR Data file for another module starts at N30:33 that i will get this error?
  5. I tried to read data from an Analog input module, But the ER bit in the BTR instruction is on. When i read the fault code, it is -3. The explantion of this fault code is The size of the block transfer plus the size of the index in the block transfer data table was greater than the size of the block transfer data table file. What can i do to correct this Fault???? I am unsing and PLC5 and the analog input module is 1771-IFE Thanks
  6. Micrologix 1000 fault

    To share with you all, It seems like the Micrologix PLC's that i am using are affected by a know technical issue which has been confirmed by Rockwell Attomation. This has been discribed i a word document Rockwell Automation Answer ID 34047 The PLC's will be replaced at no charge. Thanks to You all. Micrologix_1000_release_note.doc
  7. Hi, everyone. I have recently encontered the same problem with two different Micrologix 1000 PLC. when power is connected to the PLC the fault led is lit and communication is not possible with the PLC. sometimes when power is switch off and on again, the error is gone and communication is possible with the PL but most of the time the fault led is on. have any encountered this problem and what are the remedies. One PLC can have and hardware fault but two doesn't seem likely. Best Regards
  8. Citect scada

    Hi guys, is there a forum forum for Citect scada
  9. Download Problems

    the problem could be that the version of the program in the E300 do not correspont to the version of E-designer. try to upgrade the version of the operating system of E300. at startup the E300 should display it version. the version of the operting terminal can be upgrade using the HMI tools which is supply with e-designer
  10. Citect scada and FX serie issue

    Hi guys, after uninstalling citect and deleting the citect directory and reinstalling citect, i finally got the test program to work, i agree with you PDL about the topic that the FX2n support multidropping thanks for helping me out
  11. Citect scada and FX serie issue

    HE Jimbo, i know my comport, because i use the same com port to communicate with the PLC via GX developer. the comport is selected correctly i am using citect scada version 6 i have attached the scada test project as zip file. you will have to unzip it first the test project have to turn a light green on the graphic page when the PLC is run mode testproject1.rar
  12. Citect scada and FX serie issue

    i have try to connect with citect to a multidrop fx serie network, but nothing seems to be working. on the side of the PC with scada i have tried differnt styles of wiring method, 422, 485 and still nothing work. i have tried a one on one communication with one of tthe PLC using the programming port and SC09 cable. still citect scada is not able to read one address of the PLC, i get the error cannot talk. should citect scada not be able to read from the PLC directly if connected to the pLC programming port with the used of the original SC09 cable
  13. Communication Format D8120

    i have set up a RS485 network between 7 FX serie's PLC using the FX485 ADP. i have used the two pair wiring method to hookup the PLC to each other These PLC and connected to a citect Scada system on a PC. What should the communication format be in the D8120 to properly commmunicate with Citect Scada
  14. GX Developer

    It's also that simple, just go to the vieuw dropdown menu than you can get the job done. I would advise you to get hold on the software manual of GX Developer
  15. Citect Scada and Melsec-F protocol

    It helps a lot to know that someone as a working apllication. i didn,t want lay down the fysical network to find out that i had to look for a other sulotion . many thanks