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  1. To connect CPM1 to PC without using CPM1-CIF01

    Aqui no Brasil é uma fortuna Amigo! Alem do mais, este plc já foi descontinuado. A minha intenção é ajudar as pessoas que não podem comprar uma cif. Courtesy Here in Brazil is a fortune Friend! Furthermore, this plc already was discontinued. To my intention is going to help the persons that cannot buy a CIF.
  2. To connect CPM1 to PC without using CPM1-CIF01

    Caro Igor, Tente desconectar o fio que vai ao " fog ", acho que vai funcionar!
  3. For you to modify will have to disassemble CPM1 and to weld four wires direct in the pins of the periphreal port, underneath, for not damaging the original connector. In the other extremity of the threads you anger to install a connector DB9 female, that it should have been fastened beside CPM1. you had not needed any interface. The communication only works with Cx-Programmer any version. Adapting_the_peripheral_port_for_PC.pdf