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  1. Hi, I have two analog inputs, the first is a Gefran Linear Pot ( I believe to be a differential Voltage input, connected to a 10VDC Power supply), the second is a Automation Direct Pressure Sensor (I believe to be a single-ended Voltage input) So I have the 10VDC+ PS connected to one end of the linear pot and the wiper signal is connected to Vin0+ and the Vin0- is also connected to the other end of the linear pot and jumpered to the analog com along with the 0VDC fro the 10V PS. (Is this correct?) The pressure transmitter brown wire connected to 24V+ from 24VDC PS and the blue wire connected to the 0V from the 24VDC PS, with the white wire (signal) is connected to Vin1+ and the 0V from the 24V PS is connected to the Vin1-. I also have the same 24V PS connected to the Analog card, instead of using the buss power, with the internal switch pushed down. Just making sure if I have all of this correct. Thanks, Deke
  2. Hi, We had changed out a Seimens controller on a machine with a different type, and have the following components forsale; Simatic S7 300 Components Qty Part# Description Condition 1 6ES7 361-3CA01-0AA0 INTERFACE MODULE GOOD 1 63S7 307-1EA00-0AA0 POWER SUPPLY GOOD 2 63S7 322-5HF00-0AB 0 DITIGAL OUTPUTS GOOD 1 63S7 332-5HD01-0AB0 ANALOG INPUT GOOD 1 63S7 331-7KF02-0AB0 ANALOG OUTPUT GOOD 1 63SY 390-1AE80-0AA0 19" RAIL FOR COMPONENTS GOOD HMI and Button Panels Qty Part# Description Condition 1 6AV6 545-0DA10-OAX0 MULTI PANEL MP 370 TOUCH-12 TFT GOOD 1 6AV3 688-3CD1-0AX0 PUSH BUTTON PANEL PP-17 GOOD Industial Controller Qty Part# Description Condition 1 6AT1131-6DE21-0AB0 Siject CI16iP CONTROLLER GOOD 1 6AT1131-6DE21-0AB0 Siject CI16iP CONTROLLER NEW(IN BOX) Software Qty Part# Description 1 6ES7810-4CC07-0YA5 STEP 7 V5.3 +SP1 1 6AV6581-3BX06-0CX0 PROTOOL V6.0 +SP2 The HMI & Button Panels have all the neccessary connectors and cables. Willing to let it all go dirt cheap! Would like to sell the whole lot, if possible. Any interest? Thanks, Deke
  3. Need Help!

    Hi bulebyu, Well that rung is actually the last rung in that section, and no where else is there any TR0's in the whole program. I've decided that I'm just going to put my new program in it and not worry about going back to what was originally in it. Thanks, Deke
  4. Need Help!

    Hi, I have uploaded a program from a CQM1H-CPU21. It has one line that is not showing as ladder, but as Statement List, and has the Red Bar showing that the net has an Error; Invalid Mnemonic. Statement List; LD 13.14 ANDNOT 17.04 LD P_First_Cycle OUT TR0 CNTR(12) 023 #9999 LD TR0 Now if I remove OUT TR0 & LD TR0 from that statement list, the line is then ok. But its that the right thing to do? and why would a program have an error in it? I'm using CX-Programmer Version 8.0 Thanks, Deke2006
  5. Latching Bit?

  6. Latching Bit?

    Hi, Is there a latching bit, that when set it stays set even if loss of power? Thanks, Deke
  7. HI, I need to copy the setting of one timer into another Timer. Never done this before, so I'm looking for some help, I'm gussing I have to do something like COPY T4:7/PRE TO T4:10/PRE, is this correct? Thanks Deke2006 Never mind I geuss I just had to try it, utrned out to be MOV T4:7.PRE to T4:10.PRE Thanks, Deke2006
  8. Thanks Mikey Confusing, why don't they say DH485 for that driver? Thanks to everyone else for your help, now the rest is all up to me on how I translate French to English.
  9. The PV does not show, only my laptop does. Autoconfigure fails! Part# 2711-M3A19L1 Deke
  10. Well I have now tried both cables without any success (2707-NC8 & 1761-CBL-PM02) So obivously I'm doing something wrong I pressed both left & right arrow keys to enter the 300's setup mode, I checked the baud rate which is set at 19200, the node is set at 2, and the max node is set at 2 I'm using panelbuilder32 trying to upload screens so that I can edit them as they're currenlty in French. RSLinx Lite loads up automatically, I only have one driver configured AB_DF1-1 DH485, with the following configuration; Comm Port: COM1 Device: SLC-CH0/Micro/PanelView Baud Rate: 19200 Station Number: 00 Parity: None Error Checking: CRC Stop Bits: 1 Protocol: Full Duplex Any suggestion? Thanks. Deke2006
  11. Hi, I have a Programming cable for the Microview Panel(2707-NC8), and I was wondering if could use the same cable for the Panelview 300 Micro? Thanks, Deke2006
  12. All I/O indicator lights are on?

    Yes, I did manage to find a pdf showing I have the wrong cable on the input module, got one on order it will here monday, also in that pdf file it looks like the relay output module is a pnp module when it should be npn, this is the number on the module "-1 DC24", this indicates that it's a pnp module. Man I cannot beleive the electrical outfit who put this together, they sent us this fixture said they couldn't get it to work with the logic I sent (which happens to be in 10 other fixtures just like this one). any who, Thanks for the reply! :) Deke2006
  13. All I/O indicator lights are on?

    Hi, I have a CPM2C-32CDTC-D connected to the XW2C-20G5-IN16 input module with cable G79-100C and a Relay output module with cable G79-150C. First question is are these the right cables on the correct modules? For some reason all the indicating lights are on, on both modules, the indicating lights on the PLC are correct, but why are these lights on the modules not right? Voltage to each module is correct 24V+ on the correct terminal and 0V on correct terminal. Wish I had an operation manual for these modules. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Deke2006
  14. Moving Image?

    Ok on the MP370 the Fixed Window which is at the top of the screen. Can this be positioned at the bottom? Animation of elements I guess is what I want to do. Thanks, Deke2006
  15. Moving Image?

    Hi, New the capabilities of the MP370 HMI. I'm trying to make the screen set for this to resemble the screens that I have designed for the Maco6500 (Barber-Colman). They both have the Mini screen area except for the MP370's is at the top of the screen instead of the bottom, or is it possible to change this? Anyways I have a few moving images on the Maco6500 that I'm trying to reproduce with the MP370 and I was wondering if there is a Moving image. Thanks, Deke2006