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  1. Upload failed

    Thank you very much I will try
  2. Upload failed

    I connected with USB and setup serial 1 as hostlink serial 2 as toolbus On the pc side, i have the same cable usb-serial I just change the protocol , depending in which port i plug Toolbus never get connected Do i have to change any switch setting for toolbus ? Thank you
  3. Upload failed

    It is curious, but i can connect with sysmacway but i cannot connect with tool bus I did like you said, the same speed and protocol on each side The plc is a CPM1-L Any sugestion why ? Thank you
  4. Upload failed

    I do not have any issue with the USB My problem it is the serial port , and i am curiuous to know why
  5. Upload failed

    Hi, I am using cx programer 9, and cp1l with serial port 1 , 9600.8.N.1 My PC has an prolific usb to serial adaptor Port has the same parameters as the PLC I can connect on line, download evreting, upload Symbols and Coments, BUT, when i try to upload the program or setting, i get an error message, Upload Failed. Any sugestion Thank you Ion
  6. cpm1-cif01

    Thank you very much I will contact them Ion
  7. C200H-CN222 (C200H-CN422) programming cable

    Thank you very much Ion
  8. Omron Cqm1-cif02 Schema

    Hi Jay, What is the Fujitsu part number for the connector ? Thank you Ion
  9. cpm1-cif01

    Hi, I have a interface from plc to rs232 and the fujitsu connector is broken I need the part number to buy a replacement and a supplier The same happen with a CIF02 for a CQM1 plc Please help Thank you Ion
  10. windows 7 ultimate and usb driver

    Michael, YOU are a real life server. It works like a charm I did beg Omron Canad for more that 6 month for that and thay told me is no driver, just buy the cable adaptor .... he he he , they must be realy hungry. Thank you very much Please write me at igeorge @ rogers.com for a private issue. Best regards Ion
  11. windows 7 ultimate and usb driver

    Hello, When i installed cx-one on my pc , win7/64 went OK with no errors. I assume it did installed as 32 bits because is listed in the program files (x86) When i connect a PLC - cp1l in particular i have, windows does not find the driver. I pointed to the usb folder in the omron directory, but no luck. It works under windows xp fine, but in windows 7 /64 bits does not. When i try to manualy select the inf file , i get an error, that drivers are for 32 bits windows and not for 64. I cheked with FTDI, which have 64 bits driver, but they do not work with Omron. Omron, used its own signature on the driver so it not install a diferent driver. Does anybody has 64 bits usb drivers for Omron ? If yes, please point wher to download them Thank you Ion
  12. CX one and in line monitoring

    Hello, I have an issue with the in line monitoring. Software is cx one ver4, and the pc is windows xp. I use a cp1l and the serial port on the cpu and serial port on the pc ( true serial, no usb converter) It happens many times, when i am on line , that i get that red message, about lost communication. The speed is 9600/9/1/N Host link. I would like to know , where to read ,or somebody can tell me, how many bytes usually Omron send in a package to the pc -10, 20,100, or how long is the message sent to pc, and how long is the message sent from pc. I am looking for a general idea, not the exact number of bytes. The maximum, number of bytes which will be in a packet. Also, assuming the plc and pc reply almost instantly, how many packets are sent per seconds ? Maybe it is something wrong with my serial card or i do not know. I tried for example to talk to a PIC, and using just a max232 did not work. Max was too slow. I am using now a max3225 , up to 1 megabyte , and is fine. Please help Thank you Ion Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it
  13. Usb ports solution

    I use cx programmer and supervisor with my HP laptop with only USB ports . I bought one USB to RS232 converter from Ionetworks and works like a charm. The product is called Edgeport1 and is simple and reliable The link to the site is: http://www.ionetworks.com/products/edgeport.html In Canada you can get it from OMron direct. For US I dont knoe but try to call the number on the link and find a distributor near you. Happy programming Ion
  14. Excel and cx supervisor

    Thaks Jay for your constant help and contribution . I just found today that there is a bug in CX Supervisor. The folowing situation did happened: Excel reported the answer to my condition IF as "true" or false". CX sup. does not understand the words true or false. It just take 0 or 1. The solution is to force Excel to reply with 0 or 1 and the supervisior it will read it normal as an input point. example IF(A>B,"0")  or IF(A For this particular case I used 0 and 1 and the supervisor treat them as an boolian answer. ION
  15. Excel and cx supervisor

    I have defined in cx one Bool point which is input type dde. I have Excel linked to my file and colect some data. Based in this data I calculate the value of that point if is true or false. I get the right anser, but in cx  I dont see any change. I have a field which is supposed to change the colour if  the point is true or false. nothing happened. I put that poit to be updatede in 500 ms interval. I need haelp server=excel topic=pcs.xls name=st1g point name= st1g type =bool i/o=input i/o attribute=DDE dde atribute=read only ole atribute=read only the excel file works fine with the integers for calculating data, just this point does not update to change the colour