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  1. Straton 9.0 IDE

    try  to post in english
  2. hi  i think about ArcLink from lincoln Electric
  3. hi  I would like to know if somebody already try to implement specific communication protocol thru MVI69E-LDM (from prosoft) to be able to communicate with a 1769 L36?
  4. Hi I would like to know if there is a way to access to the card CF/SD L35 or 36 of the PLC directly from a windows computer, my PLC store on it some log file which i would like to access remotely ?  
  5. i read this technote but there is no information on how to create a font for language
  6. Hi I need to convert an Panel builder 32 application driving a PV550 in hungarian, i am not able to display the correct characters i try to create the font from my windows PC from arial central europe (with Windows 7) i assume that my font is wrong do you know how to create it ? or do you have a hungarian font ?
  7. Hi Guys Thanks for the help the feeding is done by external material out of my control i think standart pump air motor ratio of 1:10 means tolerance of 0.99 and 1.01 you are right the lower limit of the system is about 50cc to 2 liters the final system is a dosing machine which contol some valve to open or close pipe to regulate the ratio
  8. i need to guarantee a ratio tolerance of 1% between to component A and B ratio B/A goes from 1% to more than 50%
  9. the other function executed is an immediate update of 2 output, because i use the counting for mixing material
  10. i have 4 add 3 mov 2 sub few geq
  11. Thanks for the explanation my time unit is minute i had some watchdog overflow problem, maybe due to my routine on each interrupt i count (addition instruction and a few othe instructions)
  12. Hi I would like to know what is the performance of the interruption task of the ML1100 i would like to use 2 interrupt input to count flowmeter pulses and do a special process in the main task depending of the size of the flowmeter( 0.07 cc/pulse) and the flow rate ( few cc to 10 liters), i do not know if the ML1100 can handle it ? thanks
  13. Hi Guys, Did you ever experienced Staton soft PLC ( )on PC based automation?
  14. Dear All, I would like to know if there is a tool to migrate an application from Panel builder 32 to the new panel view component ? Thanks