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  1. Hi, i need some guide on how to compare barcode that data type is CHAR? Any programming language also possible. The second barcode received will compare with first barcode. if the barcode is match, then i will prompt user to re-scan. thank you.

  2. anyone of your using Q62DA before. hope you all can answer my question. when i enable the conversion for the DA, although analog target value is 0 but i able to get 1.86V at the terminal. while if i set analog target value to 4000, i will get 9.56V. in this case, do i need to do offset for the channel? if i change the offset point, i set analog target value to 4000. will it give 9.56V? do i need to adjust the gain too? thank you.

  3. hi, anyone here use HoneyWell PLC before? what is the programming software that use for this PLC and HMI? i can't find any information. i'm not sure what is the model of PLC and also HMI yet. I just want to upload the program from PLC and HMI before i shut down my machine for upgrade. if anyone have link to download the software, please let me know. thank alot.

  4. Hi all, i do like to have some advice for this FBC instuction. i'm still confuse after study the manual. please give me some guide for it. will be better if have sample program. the reason i use this instruction is i can always checking the 6 out of 12 wafers reject condition. Thank.

  5. from the AB example i do understand how to call motor to index and fault handler but i dont understand how PLC know communicate with driver as it no point out which assembly it using. The source is a decimal(INT)? just the destination can be INT, DINT, float or anything in order to decode the message? thank..

  6. i have meet some problem on how to define feedback data value of ultra3000i drive via deviceNet. for example in the manual: feedback data pointer||Name||Parameter Object Instance||Data Type 10||Position Error||133||DINT can someone show me some sample on how to read the data value feedback via PLC? FYI, i'm using Compact Logix L31 PLC with 1769-SDN devicenet. thank you.

  7. Hi, i have some problem with FX2N-48ER. This controller are installed at machine are more than a year, but today suddenly all it input point LED are no ON. I try to short it to any input point but result still the same, all input point are no ON. In GX Developer, i also can't see the input ON although i try to short it. is that the controller malfunction? or anything to it? Please give me a hand for this.

  8. sorry for giving insufficient information. the whole process is like this... 1. the operator will put in the chip into the tester. 2. operator needed to key in how many pin does they want to check. 3. after the setting is complete, then operator press start to start checking 4. when in checking process, the tester will check all the conductivity of each pin. (conductivity test by 0VDC through pin and back to PLC input) 5. if all the pin pass all the pin test, then the chip is OK. if one or more of pins are checked fail then the chip will be reject and a 7-segment display will show which pin is reject. 7-segment display will display one pin fault each time. operator needed to press reset button to check for another fault pin allocate. hope this time i can give all the relate information. THANK...

  9. thank for the reply. my customer would like to use PLC for this project as user can change any number of pins to test the pin. that vary from 1 pins to 80 pins. if the faulty pins occur, it will display in touch screen. this tester is use for pin conductivity test only.

  10. thank for all feedback here... for the connectivity test, if the pin is ok then input (X) will ON and indicate that is passed. if the pin is NG then input (X) will OFF and indicate the pin is NG. my application is all the pin are tested all at once and when the test is over then the display will indicate which pin is failed in test. beside that, user can key in any number below 80 to start a test. for example, if user key in 50 then the tester will do the test until pin 50 only. hope this time i can give a clear picture for you all. very thank alot here.

  11. Hi, today i need to do a pin tester machine. my machine concept is like this. Maximum pin check is 80 pins and user can key in any number below 80 to do the pin tester process. for example: if user key in 30 in the display, that mean the machine will do 30 pin check. once pressed start, the tester will check 30 pins. if one of the pin had error then the machine will continue do the checking. the screen will display all the pins error message. if 5 pins is fail in the test, then the screen will display which pin is fail. here is my question: what is the best method i can do for my machine? i had try to think it myself before post this topic. hope someone can give me some guide. by the way, i'm using Fx1n CPU. very thank alot.

  12. thank for the support here. now i have more clearer picture on analog. i have try to do search function at this site but the thread can't help me a solution that why i'm try to open a new thread. very thank first. later i would try to figure out in pratical to test connectivity and so on. thank..

  13. i got one question to ask here. for the switch setting for I/O. for example if i set the switch 1 to 4000 then what needed to set in switch 2 and so on? and 4000 mean X400 at PLC? sorry for me noob question. by the way, Mr panic can please explain for me the instruction for [FROM h3 k10 k4x400 k5]? k10 mean the buffer memory? how if i have 4 channel, how do i allocate the buffer memory for each channel? i had check with Mr wayne sample code just now. i saw a enable step at line 0. [TO H0 K0 H0FF K1] = H0 is at slot 0, but the K0 and H0FF i dont know how to allocate it. may give some guide? very thank you.

  14. Hi, i had facing problem on writing analog input and output for Q00J PLC. i'm using Q64AD and Q62DA. i'm try to write the analog input & output program but i not yet test due to no hardware to let me testing. Hereby i attach the program and would someone can point me out where is the error? so i can learn and improve my skill in analog. or anyone would like to share their source code for analog input and output? very thank alot. Analog.zip