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  1. I can't remeber where exacty this is but it is to do with the PLC not going into run after power cycle. I will look when I am back in the office and give you the exact location for this setting.
  2. Hi... I have a lot of Tele stuff that I have collected over the last couple of years. I have left the contracting scene and now work for a company so I'm looking to sell off my stock. Just make me an offer on anything or everything??? Telemecanique.pdf
  3. Cable Sizing

    Hi All. I am just wondering if anyone has a standard wiring size chart for control panels. I am talking of cables for ampage from 10 amps to 1000 amps?? I don't know the correct name for the cable sizing convention but I am in Ireland and we use the term 195 square cable, 1.5square cable etc. I have to wire a softstart and allow for about 500 amps
  4. The wavecom modem is the same as the westermo modem. The command line sheet can be found at the following address:;action=save This does for the PSTN, Long/Short haul modems and GSM
  5. Hi All. I was just wondering what everyone's opinion on PLC software was. For years we have had a constant battle with suppliers over software costs and then the necessary update costs etc. We would be a relatively small automation company and might spend 20,000 - 30,000 euros per year on PLC's, HMI's etc. and I don't understand the sales strategy that you must pay for the software in order to use the hardware. I always use the analogy that this is the same as buying a car and then the salesman asking you for 2000 euro for the key???? As we all know some company's give you the software when you buy the hardware and I have found that these company's seem to be the smaller company's obviously trying to get a bite at the market. Why can't the big guys do it??? I used to work for one of the big guys and I remember particular instances when the Automation mangers buddys wanted the software he would make them a copy saying that the Irish division could write a note stating the this is a "legal copy" ???? I find the whole software thing a real pain and have great respect for those who find ways around the copyright protection on the software... I only wish I had the intelligence to do so. I just wanted to find out what everyone elses opinion and experiences on this are. Any of the "big guys" who want to comment are also welcomed but please don't come bacl to me with software development costs, software improvement costs etc as this just doesn't work for me??? And don't get me started on PLC cables.....
  6. Panel Labels

    Hi Guys Thanks for the help... I should have been more clear I was actually after a lbel machine for panel door labels...i.e. Labeling pusbuttons, indicator lamps etc. on the panel door. Thanks again
  7. Panel Labels

    Hi All I am looking for a bit of beginners help... I am currently starting to build quite a few small panels but I have to purcahse the labels from a larger panel builder. I am looking for some reccomendations for a computerised label printer. Obviously being a small company I am looking for a reasonably priced unit. Thanks all
  8. Pl7-2 For Tsx27 20 Plc (60i/o)

    Hi I have posted a reply about this already but if you would like to download the software please email me on and I can give you access to this. I have also downloaded a document on how to make your own cables in the download section
  9. Modicon TSX 17

    Hi..The TSX17 was programmed with PL7 1 or PL7 2 depending on what processor you have and if it has a language cartridge. Both of these programmes can be used with either Dos or OS2. Anyway, there is a conversion tool in PL7. Can't remember if it is only in Pro or if it's in all versions of PL7 and can't remember if it only does PL7-2 but there is some sort of a conversion tool. You will need to map the old I/O and the memory bits/words to new syntax i.e I0,0 -> %I0.1 , O1,0 -> %Q1.0 etc. Hope this helps. If you want you can send me the programme and I will print it out for you in word or pdf format.
  10. This is the communication file for the ATV31. The pins you need for modbus are 4,5, and 8. Haven't had a chance to open the stx file but I'll look in a while.
  11. Sms Scada

    Hi I have done very little work on SMS. It is the SCADA programme for the powerlogic range. Schneider's automation SCADA is Monitor Pro and more recently Vijeo. You could check out to see if they can help. I have some colleagues who have done a lot of work with SMS so if you would like to post your question I acould ask them.
  12. I have never bothered with this cable because they are relatively cheap. By the time youwould make the cable up it wouldn't pay for itself. Maybe try
  13. I'm sorry but I just don't understand your question. Could you perhaps send the PL7-3 programme and I can have a look at it. I have done conversions for PL71, 2,3 and Orphee sucessfully.
  14. Thanks undercontrol.... I've found a site and put a link to it on my website. Go to -> password is plcdownloads. Download all the files and read the readme.txt file for instructions. Happy programming
  15. Hi All I am the infamous person with what seems to be one of the last OS2 and PL7 partitions available to mankind. I use a ghost image to put it on to my new PC's and to date I've had no problems with it. I have been asked to send copies of this to all parts of the world but this just isn't feasable....and I'm just too lazy. What I can do however is firstly if anyone has an FTP server that I can upload it to that would be great....once they would allow people to retireve it. The other solution is that I could send it over the ICQ network. My ICQ is 198-812-737. To get it go to, download the file and follow the installtion wizard. It's basically an instant messenger type of tool. I have broadband but unfortunately I don't have an internet IP address, it's nat-ed through a wireless broadband company so I can't host and ftp server....yet. The ghost image is about 250MB so it'll take a while.