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  1. RSLogix 5000

    Did you loose power to something? Is their any type of screen lit up at all when you say colors are you talking colors of graphs or buttons?
  2. PLC5 interfacing with a Delta V DCS

    What would you like to do Read and Write stuff to the DCS? I just started with a new company that has alot of DeltaV and I have seen a serial card in the DeltaV chasis to talk to a SLC com port. What a difference from AB PLC's to DeltaV.
  3. 3 PLC's on a wireless router?

    If you are going to use this router alot and have not bought it yet I would recommend one for a little more money. I also use this router for doing some programming and I have to have the panel door open for the router to get any type of signal and it kicks me off every once in awhile and the signal stregth changes all the time and I am only about 30 ft. away from the darn thing. Just my .02.
  4. Ethernet DLL Driver

    I say this on Ebay today and thought it was quite interesting. Has anyone ever tried it out? I emailed the person and they said you can use DLL in VB or EXCEL. Don't know what DLL is yet, but I might be finding out. Ebay
  5. HMI's?

    I am thinking about implementing an HMI, but don't know which way to go and thought maybe you guys would shed some light on what you use. I have a couple of SLC 5/05's running on ethernet and want to display some graphics and stuff in a control room. I didn't really want to go with a panelview, but something on a PC and the only thing I can think of is RSView with RSLinx, but wanted maybe something different. Got any suggestions?
  6. MVI46-MCM & 3150-MCM

    From what I understand is the 3150 is an older model, don't know if you can even purchase it anymore. I am sure you could use a serial port to do the same thing, but for the hassle its easier to use the Prosoft card I just put 4 of them in and wasn't bad at all.
  7. I have taken a 5/03 with a basic module and used that to communicate to Danfoss' 2800 series drives, they to use the FC protocol, the reason I used a basic module is my channel 0 was tied up to a pc. It's totally different then a modbus protocol. From what I understand its Danfoss' protocol nothing standard about it. If you call Danfoss' and ask them for their VLT 5000 series serial communication doc. it has everything in their about their FC protocol. Or if I can find my file I can email it to you. Good luck it took me about 2 weeks to finally get everything going I had like 84 drives on my network and couple of inverters in between to handle that many nodes.
  8. Control Logix Indirect Address'

    That would explain why I couldn't find the darn thing in the tag database. The new things that you learn about these Logix controllers. Thanks again.
  9. Does anybody know if you can use an expression for a indirect address'. For example ADD(Test[whocares-1],1,test2);
  10. CRC Computation in PLC

    Can you use BCC its alittle bit easier to compute?
  11. SLC processor and MVI46-MCM prosft module

    I noticed that also. I have two of those cards into a rack in slot 5 and 6 and I have the same processor. I noticed it only happens to me when I go and try to put it and run mode. I clear the major fault and try it again sometimes it may take two or three times to get it to go. The other thing that I noticed is that my online communications with my laptop really slows down with the setup that I have. Having that many copies is really tying up my scan rates. I am hooked up with 100mps and man is it slow. I would hate to be using another type of processor with a different network. Hope to see if someone can answer your topic!
  12. Control Logix Coversion

    For number 2 I thought I could do that, but when I goto RSLinx and find the address to copy and paste the link it does not go down to bit level. I only get the whole word. Whats up with that?
  13. Control Logix Coversion

    Anyone know how to take a DINT and convert it to a binary value? I am trying to take a Dint and convert it to binary and then put it into excel so I can see each bit that is on.
  14. Plc 5/04 PID loop

    I have always had bad luck with thermocouples being linear. When I redid our boilers I switched them over to RTD's and never looked back. When you do your PID loops make sure you scale your input from 3277 to 16384 and 0 to 16383 and when you setup your PID set your Smin and Smax to your engineering units, then of course you have to scale your control variable coming back out. Hope that helps!
  15. Controllogix 5000

    Thanks TW that is what I was looking for. Instead of a MOV using a BTD. Thanks again guys!