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  1. OPC Server

    Does anybody know how to reset OPC Server with script from CX Supervisor in the case of lost of communication. I have tried shutdown server with VB Script task kill and start it again but communication is not establish again. I always have to start OPC server first and then start CX Supervisor runtime and then everything is OK. If OPC Server is started after runtime there is no communication. Any ideas?
  2. Project/runtime security/Menu option access level
  3. LG PLC connection to PC

    Hello Igor, Which OPC server did you use? I have tried several but always I have problems with communication.
  4. CX Supervisor Modbus RTU

    Can CX Supervisor be used as modbus RTU master using RS232/RS485 or USB/RS485 converter to connect it to PLC or panelmeter or other modbus slave units and how? Any example? Thanks in advance Goran
  5. CX Supervisor reports

    What is the best(easiest) way to create report with diagrams (not only tables like with report generator) in CX Supervisor. I want to log few tags every 10 minutes, and user wants to see daily and monthly report with diagram of the values. What are your suggestions?
  6. Does any one has idea why CX supervisor 1.33 runtime application crashes when NVP file comes to 200kB or something. This file is used to keep non volatile tags. But from time to time it crashes. About every 6 months. But when I delete NVP file it works fine. I have some text tags which is used to store some text that user input and change from time to time. Goran

    Hi PdL, In CX designer you have test option for NS-Runtime and you can connect it with actual PLC on site. Does it has full functionality as NS Runtime software?
  8. Does anyone has experience with CX supervisor and LSIS OPC servers? A have problem with communication. Some tags I can not write from SCADA to PLC. I am not sure is it problem with communication between PLC and OPC server or between Supervisor and OPC server. I will check OPC and PLC easily but does someone had problems with Supervisor and OPC regarding type of tags I, O or I/O, integer, float etc?
  9. Can CX Supervisor 1.33 work on Windows 7 or 8? And what about motherboard on PC without parallel port?
  10. XBC-DR32H and iP5A inverter

    Dear LSIS programmers I want to set communication between XBC-DR32H and iP5A inverter to set and read frequency. I have tried to set protocol but in the settings of iP5A there is not LSBus or Modbus RTU. Please give me a sample code with iP5A Settings. SV is in D00032 and frequency has to be written in the D00040. register in iP5A are 0x0005 and 0x000A. Thanks in advance
  11. NT631C language translation

    Uh, I understand I have to do it as it says at the beginning of pdf you send, manually. Actually it worked but I don't understand. If open *.mmi file with NTST how it opens screens if they are in onw file??? Never mind, important that it works. Now I need you only to translate me few sentences from dutch to english Navriezer Voorvriezer
  12. Hi all, I have a new problem. I have to translate NT631C application from Dutch to English(or Serbian). I uploaded *.mmi language file with translation utility and start translation but now I want to "merge" new mmi file with onw file(application) to see how new language looks like before downloading it to the touch terminal. Is this possible or I have to download new mmi to touch and then upload whole application again? P.S. Touch is on site 100km from my office.
  13. NT631C Ver 3.62

    I was on site yesterday. Application was successfully uploaded. Thanks one more time.
  14. NT631C Ver 3.62

    YOU ARE THE KING! It worked. Actually I see more PTs with versions 3.2/4.2. Next week I should go to site and I will try to download application from PT. Anyway if you come to Novi Sad, Serbia I'll take you to a beer or two! Thanks I lot!