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  1. Password Lock Controllogix Routine

    I have rsview32 works installed in my computer and use its security features to protect areas in my HMI authorised only for administrator level people but people often add user accounts to with all keys available to them to be able to access those protected areas so i want to passwod protect by comparing it with a numeric digit in my PLC and generating a bit, if entered digit equals set digit (inside PLC) and use this bit to protect my areas in HMI but i dont want them to able to access the the routine in which i have stored the password digit by going online with the PLC so i just want to protect that particular routine in which the password digit is Set. I hope u get my point? if not i will elaborate later. Short on time right now.........
  2. Hi all, Is there a feature in Controllogix ladder logic to password lock a particular Routine or Task to protect it from anybody being able to view it until he has the password. Wanted to know since there is such a feature available in GE PLC's so just curious. Thank u all.
  3. Retentive Bits

    HI Ron B, Whoever u r, u r really great, since it has given me a direction to think on to implement the solution for my problems successfully. Any how Ron i like descriptive tech stuffs from experts like u. Short on time right now but will join the discusssion once again later Also a final thank u to all of u all TWControls, Ken, Gerry and all who took part in the disscusion keep the disscussion going we might come u up with more ideas. Honoured to get a reply from u all.
  4. Retentive Bits

    In one of my process i have to continue the process from where it left of after a power failure/interruption so i need to retain bits states inside the CONTROLLOGIX PLC is their any specific method of programming to retain the bits or is it more simpler than that like just clicking the check box to retain all the required bits. My progam is almost completed and its a very big program with over 16000 tags so it would be very difficult to modify the program to retain all the required bits. It would be gr8 of all u PLC experts out there if u help me out. Thank u all in advance bcos i know there is a solution coming up very soon from u all. Jeevan
  5. Hi There all PLC Experts PLease help me out with my Problem. I am having a 1784-pcic(s) card installed on my computer (win-2000 professional with SP-4). The card after being installed properly shows "The device is running properly" in Device Manager of win-2000. But i am not Able to install the driver for the card in RSLinx Pro. V it Gives a message "Unable to Access 1784-PCIC Kernel Mode driver. Atleast one 1784-PCIC card needs to be installed". I have also installed the EDS files which came along with the 1784-PCIC CD. Pl. see attachment for screenprint of the error. Please Help me folks its urgent. Thanking u all in advance. Jeevan. PCIC_prob1.bmp Pcic_Device_manager.bmp Pcic_Device_manager_working_OK.bmp
  6. circular buffer logic

    Hi Nilesh, Jeevan From Philippines Saw your Query but unable to open the prog. since no Rslogix-500 installed here. However read my posted Query on 1784-PCIC(S) and if possible reply. will be in touch via. mails.
  7. 1784-pcic(s) Driver

    I have Installed a 1784-PCIC(S)card in the PC. The PC is not connected to any n/w it is a standalone PC. When i Configure the Driver for this card in RS-Linx Professional V Driver Shows a "Stopped" status even When i Press Start Button after Selecting the Driver. It Gives an Error Message saying "Device AB-PCIC cannot be started" (PL. see attachment for screenprint Graphic). Therefore i am not able to see the N/W Configuration in "RSWho" When I connect this PC to the Controlnet N/W. In One my other PC, With the same Arrangement it is Showing "Running" Status (standalone PC as well)and When I connect this PC to The N/W Then I am Able to See the N/W Config. My System has two Controllogix in Hot Standby, 2 1756-CNB's in each rack and 5 Flexlogic Nodes in Each CNB (10 nodes for Remote I/O)+ 1 PC. Both the PC's Have Win-2000 Professional. I want to Attach This Second PC With The 1784-PCIC(S) Problem to this system I am Not even Able to see the n/w in RSlinx via Controlnet(Checked all. Controlnet Cable Connection and Found OK). I tried Uninstalling and RE-Installing Both The 1784-PCIC(S) card and RSLinx But Did not work out. Please suggest a solution at the earliest. The Attachment has Both The Working and Non-working PC Screen Prints of RSLinx.I also have another message when my non-working PC does not go into Screensaver Standby mode that message graphic is also attached.