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  1. comunicating with panelview 550

    Thank you , The straight thru cable worksgreat with the 1747-UIC
  2. comunicating with panelview 550

    What cable would I use from the convertor to the PV and what driver in rslinx?
  3. I have a laptop that only has usb ports. I want to connect a panelview 550 cat number 2711-K5A5 to the laptop. I am using rslinx classic version The laptop is running xp pro. Thank you
  4. 1784 Pcmk Card And A Aci_

    I have a 1784 pcmk card series b and I want to hook up to a advanced interface converter. I am running windows xp and am using a 1784 pcmb6/b cable to hook up from the pcmk card to the ACI+. What driver should I use and how should it be configured.
  5. 1747-pic/aic+driver

    I only have a usb port. I have also another problem, now I get another error mesage when I start rslinx . The error message is " Failed to swap in windows 2000 PIC driver. Any solutions would be welcome.
  6. 1747-pic/aic+driver

    No need to reply I was able to get it to work.
  7. 1747-pic/aic+driver

    When I try to configure the 1747-Pic /AIC driver I get the following error message "Cannot create new pic device when rslinx is running as a service run rslinx as a normal application then create the device". I am running windows xp home service pack 2 and rslinx professional ver. (crp6).