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  1. Check that in PL7 the Driver is UNTLW01 and the Address is SYS. This can be seen from PLC-> Define the PLC address. Good luck.
  2. Hi, If you don't want to use IO Scanning (on some M340 Cpu with Ethernet port on board, you can't use IO Scanning, you have to add an ethernet card), with READ_VAR and WRITE_VAR on Unity, the address of the distant PLC is the IP Address. Example with Write VAR (in french): IF NOT %MW860.0 AND re(TOP_sec) THEN (* com.ok et changement états *) WRITE_VAR(ADDM(''),(* vers advantys stb *) '%MW', (* type *) 0, (* 1er mot de réception *) 4, (* nombre de mot en réception *) %MW853:4, (* mot a transférer *) %MW860:4); (* controle communication *) END_IF; Here, the advantys STB address is One thing important is that you have to write the IP Adress of the PLC you want to talk with in the configuration of connections (Communications->Networks ->Ethernet_1) It is another solution to your problem.
  3. S7-300 DB Backup

    Hi I would like to Backup actual values of DBs . Does someone knows a easy way to do it ? Thanks.
  4. Help with OP77B & S7-315 PLC (WinCC Flex)

    Hi, Check your PC Adapter speed, if it is 187.5, you cannot transfer your HMI project if the OP is on 1.5 Check as well the address of the OP and parameter 'only master on the bus' Good luck.
  5. Hello, I didn't get any more information about TSX 21. You can close the topic if you want, but it can be useful to have a topic on this kind of API because there is not a lot of people that know it. Bye.
  6. OMROn C200HS - Data in memory

    I have tried what you told me and it is what I was looking for. The fil has an extension '.mem' Thank you
  7. OMROn C200HS - Data in memory

    OK Thank you , I will try this.
  8. OMROn C200HS - Data in memory

    HI, It is CX Programmer 3.0.
  9. OMROn C200HS - Data in memory

    Hello, I have got a C200HS that I need to change the program. Which part of the memory (like 'DM' 'H' 'EM') will be erase when I will load the new version of the program? Thank you for the answer. If you have some documentaions for this PLC or a link where I can find some ? Thank you.
  10. Siemens & Micro via Modbus/TCP

    Off course]
  11. Siemens & Micro via Modbus/TCP

    Hello, This afternoon, i found the way to do it for free. I have download a vb example that read or write in a TSX Micro via TCP. I looked to the data that are send and I did the same thing with the S7-300 via FC 'AG_SEND' and 'AG_RECV'. After some adjustement, it works. It is not very flexible but it works for my application and I haven't the time to do best. The website where I download the VB example is : Regards.
  12. Siemens & Micro via Modbus/TCP

    Hi, I want to read an area of memory on a TSX micro with Modbus/TCP. The Architecture of the installation is : S7-300 with CP 343-1 Lean <-> Ethernet <-> ETX 410 <-> Tsx micro If someone has already done something like that, an help would be welcome. Visio_ARCHITECTURE.pdf
  13. I think the battery is in the memory card, you have to plug your PLC to charge it.
  14. Hi, I would like to use the TSX CUSB 485 cable as a simple RS485 port (for modbus communication from my computer to an other equipement). I have try to do it but didn't manage to. If someone knows how to do it ? thanks.
  15. Looking for some technical documentation on TSX21, if someone got some?